Sunday, November 27, 2011

Subrata Baksi(Buxi) a dedicated soldier of Didi (Mamata Banerjee) is all set to win Calcutta South (Kolkata Dakshin) Parliamentary Constituency By-Election with around/over 2Lakh margin by defiting young hooligan Leader of CPIM Com. Ritabrata Banerjee.

Note: This post is edited on 28th Nov'11 with latest openion poll survey by MMM team.
Subrata Baksi (Buxi) is a silent & dedicated soldier of Trinamool Congress who never run for publicity and who scarifies his won assembly seat and even minister post (he is at present minister for Transport and PWD in W.B.) for beloved Didi (Mamata Banerjee) is now all set to win 2011 by election of Calcutta South (Kolkata Dakshin) Parliamentary Constituency By-Election which will be held on 30th Nov’11; with around/more than 2Lakh margin. Communists of India will surely face another bloody defeat by Trinamoolies.  

He will surely defeat (by minimum with this margin) Com. Ritabrata Banerjee, the hooligan leader of CPIM who is a left candidate from this constituency. Com. Banerjee is famous for creating nuisances in various college & university campuses in and around Kolkata.

Mr. Baksi (Buxi) is a senior leader of Trinamool Congress who is with Mamatadi since beginning of her journey of TMC, is always does his job silently and for the betterment of party and peoples of West Bengal. His main opponent Com. Ritabrata Banerjee is a noted hooligan leader of SFI (student wing of CPIM) who has contesting for an public election for the first time after all stall wards leaders of CPIM has refused to stand as a candidate from this constituency. Last year this hooligan Com. Banerjee lead a vandalism at Presidency college and only few days back his team bitten a student in Asutosh College after he joined to TMCP from SFI.. Also he had made false allegation against Sri Bratya Basu during last assembly election for which Sri Bratya Basu filled a case against him, which is still in court.

There is no compares of image of Mr. Baksi (Buxi) and Com. Banerjee and even CPIM’s leadership knows that they will get a thumping defeat in this by-election like all other by-election which held in W.B. after Mamatadi became chief minister.

So no one have a doubt about result only question is the margin.. As generally in by-election the turnout % is likely to be in lower side than the general election. Still “Ma Mati Manush – blog page” believes that Trinamool Candidate Mr. Baksi (Buxi) will win over minimum 1Lakh votes. Please note that in past my all prediction became 100% correct and this time also I am sure that my this prediction will be proved as 100% right.

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  1. why one laacs .....didi won that seat for 2.30 lacs .....why settle with one lacs

  2. I think the minm margin will be 3 lakhs
    Ritabrata is going to lose his deposit

  3. The percentage of polling is very low seeing the low percentage i personally think that it will be around 2 lakhs

  4. ultimately it is more than 2.3, its OK.