Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Trinamool Congress quitting UPA-2 government in protest, they are also pulling out their 7 ministers from Manmohan Singh's cabinet.. TMC is the only party who is sacrificing for protesting against fuel price hike, LPG cylinder cap & FDA in retail.. It shows Mamata Banerjee always fights for common man..

Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress (TMC)

withdraws support from scam-star UPA-2:

After meeting of Trinamool Congress 's extended Parliamentary party, today (18/9) TMC announced that it will be not a part of anti-peoples and scam-star Congress leaded UPA-2 government. TMC supremo Mamta Banerjee herself announced this decision.
In a protest against Diesel price hike, 6 cylinder cap on LPG, & FDA in retail, TMC announce that they will not be part of Manmohan's cabinet. Now all seven ministers of Trinamool will submit their resignation to PM on Friday (21/9) at 3pm.

Mamata also expressed her disappointment over comments of some baseless leaders of Bengal Congress against Trinamool since long. Mamata also lashed out over Congress for Coalgate & Black money issue. She directly told these issues (Fuel hike, LPG cap, FDA) brought by Congress to divert peoples mind from Scams & Black money issues.
Mamata shows she is only fearless politician in India & she doesn't need to cover-up any scam also not greedy for ministry like others parties who is directly or indirectly supporting UPA-2..

Mamta told in press conferance: "We have decided to quit UPA. Our ministers will submit their resignation on Friday to PM, UPA never took us into confidence before taking decision on price hike in spite of our repeated requests. FDA will kill farmers. UPA make 'policy decisions' but discriminate between states. I don't accept this."

Earlier Trinamool gave 72 hrs deadlines to Congress for rethinking its anti-common man decisions but this shameless scam-star Congress government going on with their anti-people decisions ignoring TMC’s protest.
The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA), chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Friday (14/9) decided to allow up to 51 percent foreign direct investment (FDI) in multi-brand retail.
This followed the announcement Thursday (13/9) of a hike in diesel price by Rs 5/- a litter and restricted availability of subsidized cooking gas cylinders per family to six per year.
Trinamool has always stood against any kind of price rise, be it railway fare hike or fuel price hike. Mamata Banerjee has repeatedly asked the centre to take concrete steps to bring back the black money from abroad, but they have not heeded.
Mamata Banerjee says on facebook: In my opinion, instead of continuing to burden the farmers and common people, by way of increase in taxes and prices of diesel and petrol to raise resources, the Centre should now start thinking of utilizing large amount of black money lying in the country and abroad. A substantial amount of it, can be gainfully utilized for developmental work. Further, a large amount of ‘benami’ assets and funds need to be unearthed. This can also be used for development of the country….
We cannot support price hike on diesel and reduction in subsidized LPG cylinders. Today, a decision has been taken allowing FDI in Retail Sector. It is a big jolt. We are really sorry. We cannot support anything that is against the interest of the poor and common people. Loot cholchhe loot.
Sometimes speech is silver and silence is golden. We are not party to it. We are not supporting these anti-people decisions. We are very much serious about these developments and ready to take hard decisions if these issues are not reconsidered..”
Terming the decision of allowing overseas investments in multi-brand retail as unexpected, Trinamool leader and union minister Sudip Bandopadhyay said "On principle we have said that we don't want this. A few days back there was a UPA coordination committee meeting, where Mamata Banerjee was herself present. In that meeting it was decided that any big decision will be taken after consultation in the coordination committee,".
"But nothing of that sort was done. They should not forget that Trinamool is the second largest constituent of UPA. Mamata Banerjee is against such decision," he said.
The nod for multi-brand retail paves the way for the global retail giants like Walmart and Carrefour to open their stores in India.
The cabinet, in November last year, had decided to allow up to 51 percent FDI in multi-brand retail.
But the move was kept in abeyance following protests from opposition as well as some of the allies of the ruling United Progressive Alliance among which TMC was most vocal as they doesn’t have fear to cover-up scams like NCP, SP, BSP, RJD etc also they are not greedy for ministry like DMK etc..
Earlier TMC MP Kunal Ghosh tweeted: What is reform? Price-hike, new taxes, privatization, disinvestment, opening door for foreign forces and destroying our own infrastructure?
Only Mamata Banerjee can give a real fight to protect common people. Total working class of India thinks that she is the only voice to be trusted..”

Edited on 19/9: Today Mamta Banerjee said on facebook: "We respect the common people. We vouch by our credentials and our total commitment is to the cause of the common people. Our life is borne out of struggle to protect the interests of the common people - ma, mati, manush. We know what we are doing and how the interests of common men should be protected.
Let us fight the battle together for the cause of the common people. I appeal to all my brothers and sisters to be bold and remain united to protect the country from disaster."
Hope viewers remembers that only yesterday I have written this:
Actually Congress now completely forgotten “Aam Admi (common people)” and they are acting only with the direction of foreign multinational and foreign state heads.. Also this anti-people act by them is a tactics to divert attention from their Scams by which they are looting country… 
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