Monday, March 14, 2016

After opinion polls indicates TMC’s victory a politically motivated suspicious String Operation Video alleged that Trinamool Congress Leaders are caught on camera. Some questions about video & official statement issued by (Derek O'Brien) All India Trinamool Congress

Just a day after Largest Opinion poll survey for 2016 West Bengal Assembly Election showed that TMC (Trinamool Congress) is coming back in power with huge majority (Link: ) BJP who will probably win maximum 1% seats in West Bengal shows a alleged bribe video of 2 years back incidents in a Press Conference at Kolkata today. 

According to a “sting” video released by news portal “Narada” News 3 West Bengal ministers, some MPs and MLAs allegedly accepted bribes from a fictitious import-export company,. However, the Trinamool Congress (TMC) dismissed the video tape as “doctored”.

Narada News claimed to have conducted the operation over the last two years. The video’s release comes a month ahead of the West Bengal Assembly elections.
They are claiming to have 52Hrs recording out of which only 24min they have uploaded means it’s edited version where they have suppressed 51hrs 36min recording and this 24min may also be doctored.

I have 5 clear cut questions about this sting video:  

1. What was the benefit that was given to the org in lieu of money? 

2. Where are the evidences of misuse of office?

3. It is not illegal to accept money. If somebody gives me money, i would pay the taxes and accept the money. It is NOT A CRIMINAL OFFENCE to accept money. No where in the video it shows misuse of office for the money taken. Quid pro quo needs to be established.
4. The unregistered organization (2012) distributed cash worth of more than 30 lakhs. Where did they get the money? What is the source of funding? There should court monitored investigation for the money trail.
5. What did the org do with the video for the last 2 years??

Some people are also alleging that:
Mathew Samuel the man behind the operation outlook magazine 2014: poor fellow he was under tremendous pressure from BJP and CBI to make the doctored video

Also as per "" 's video they have given total 73Lc bribes ( ) but as per their claim total string operation cost was 65Lc ( ) ... 

How is it possible???
Finally here is the official statement issued by (Derek O'Brien) All India Trinamool Congress.

"We have watched the video of the so-called ‘sting’ operation. There is no sting in it. We are completely dismissive about it.

All I can say to our shameless political opponents is, come, fight us politically. Do not take recourse to your dirty tricks department. The timing of the dirty tricks video too clearly indicates the devious motive behind it. Why was the organization who supposedly shot this video hiding the so-called ‘truth’ for more than two years and releasing it today?

We are focused on the upcoming elections and do not wish to be distracted by this smear campaign. We live in an age where technology is often abused.

This is a deliberate attempt to malign the All India Trinamool Congress. But the people of Bengal know better. They trust the credibility and credentials of Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress. After the people have spoken on 19 May, you will see for yourselves what the people of Bengal think of this so-called ‘sting’ operation."


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