Friday, April 14, 2017

By Elections Results South-Kanthi – it’s clear that Didi (Mamata Banerjee) is still Dada in West Bengal as TMC retain the seat & increased the margin plus vote percentage.

(An article by Jayanta Sengupta & Saroop Chattopadhyay)

The by elections result at South-Kanthi did not spell out any surprises by the results. What it did was it opened many issues, many questions, many embarrassments and some number crunch.

TMC became winner as expected and
they also increased their margin & vote
share, so it’s proving majority of people
are still with Mamata Banerjee and

Final result of South-Kanthi assembly election (Bypoll)

CPI(Left) 17423

AITC(TMC) 95369

Congress 2270

BJP 52843

SUCI 1476

NOTA 1241

Total 170622 


It did establish the fact that BJP in this by poll has become 2nd for them to rejoice, bring out more weapon procession in the name of religion, more divisive dialogues, sermons, threats and barrage of imported leaders.

It also proves Mamata Banerjee was correct as she said; Lefts & Congress are irrelevant in Bengal politics now.

It questions the very existence of CPM & Congress. They did not tie up but in the process the once big brother of WB politics became 3rd & other buddy became a fighter with NOTA. It was more embarrassing for the CPM Leaders to accept that some votes from their kitty had gone to Geruya Brigade not forgetting that to blame on TMC. It seems that from now on they ( CPM) will blame anything starting from Global Warming to Melt down on TMC. Isn’t it shameless to accept that they can’t take care of their vote bank? The interesting number crunch is the increase in BJP vote share is exactly the same % that CPM has lost. BJP thus becomes a parasite rejoicing on CPM vote bank.

In the next blog we will bring you the U Turns of BJP.

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