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Nuisances in facebook with the name of Mamata Didi & AITMC (Trinamool) by Water-Melon (CPIM's agent/Tormuj), fake, opportunist Benojol (Filthy water) Trinamoolies, sadly in so called official group of party.

Last Edited on 19/06/2012.

Its very sad That so called official group/community of TRINAMOOL CONGRESS Supporters @FB & @Orkut (AITMCS & TMCS) isnow totally promoting opportunists, fake & Water Melon (TORMUJ) Trinamoolies and even they are using our beloved Didi(Mamata Banerjee)'s name.

The saddest fact is they even don’t hesitate to humiliate even ladies to promote those opportunist fake new comers…

Those fakes are never seen in pictures before last election survey by “Star Ananda”, they don’t have any political depth and also they don’t attend any TMC’s party meeting even those fakes are calling themselves as student but they were not present in last student rally by TMCP on 28/8 at Netaji Indoor…

They only can do web politics and only can Attn TMCS ‘s meeting at Nandan.

This picture shows when original TMC's supporters are on road that fake and his guru are not there...
Following is a post by Mrs. Piyali Sen in one of our TMC group :
... page named “Mamata Banerjee – Fan Club” I got threats from two persons (Rajjit Roy & Aniruddha Bhar) who threatened me by saying they are close to our Didi..
She even wrote a note in this concern:
Link: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=133525243412920

This picture shows that fraud Aniruddha present at Nandan's meeting of TMCS (seating left of me wearing check shirt and worride face with mobile in hand).
I was not surprised after seeing this post like lots of my friends, as I know that guy is a fraud since long.

Mamata Banerjee | Fan Club

Piyali Sen
Msg for Aniruddha Bhar:
Why you left from chatting yesterday???? Are you fake???? As when I asked you about your self you suddenly stopped reply.... Whats the problem??? Why you are not giving any photo of you in your profile???? Are you hiding something????
Raj Jit Roy  Piyali Sen I think u are fake,don't try to take any way of cheating, u don't know about Aniruddha Bhar,but I don't want to inform u about Aniruddha,bcoz u are fake,we both are very close to Didi,I wrn u first time,but 2nd time I will take step........41 মিনিট আগে · ভালো লেগেছে · ১ জনের
Raj Jit Roy
@Piyali Sen We don't want to take any step against someone,I alert u,..so be alert......this is your first n last worn..........
It is a very unfortunate incident and fact that some peoples who are not at all associated with AITMC are using didi’s name and giving threats to ladies by saying they are close to Mamata didi.

Further I want to mention that, these fakes are posting/commenting @facebook as Mamata Banerjee, also in their page they are giving lots of bad advertisement including capital market investment ad. See the paicture:

Now here is the some messages exchanged between us  and some other posts in Facebook, which will prove that this opportunist fake used me for his own shake and he doesn’t belong to on field Trinamool party worker..

These messages & other things will prove following things:
1). He was not associated with TMC even in “web” before May’11
2) He used me for his page.
3). He wants to fulfill his own interest only.
4). With my help only he was known to TMC community..
5). They used fake profile named “Priyanka Gupta” & Then “Nivedita Gupta”, then "Sakshi Roy" then "Manoranjan Mukherjee" so on....
9). He is a liar as he said that in “Facebook” more than 3 admins per page is not allowed, which is a false statement..
10). They themselves admitted they are not party members (Aniruddha Bhar & Gautam Majumdar), they don't attened meeting, don't go to rally... They can only Attn one group meeting at Nandan in six months... Plz read these messages exchanges between us:
May 23
Aniruddha Bhar
  ha thk a6e :) r baki thk thak e a6e !!!!
  ask krechilen oe computer lagano ,, ivrs lagano niye??
May 23
na go ekhono jigges kora hoyni.. kal ami trinamool bhabane jabo... tokhon sujog bujhe byaparta niye kotha tulb
May 23
Aniruddha Bhar
okay...amra rail o kaj kori.... bsnl e o... assam ,, orrissa teo a6e...
                                             Softway Consultancy Private Limited

June 3
Aniruddha Bhar
apnar khabr ki ?? page e r asen e na ??
June 3
Swarup Chatterjee
  Asbo.... kodin ektu busy royechi...
June 3
Aniruddha Bhar
apni e main ...
June 11
Aniruddha Bhar
Tmc related joto group a6e amay add kore din to... Jetay dekhben ami add ho66ina... Sae group er link gulo amay msg kre din... Ami ask to join marbo,.. Aktu daitya niye kore din pls!
June 11
Swarup Chatterjee ok korchi.
July 19
facebook bolche 3 jon admin er besi admin rakhte parbo as anek page .. apnake remove korlam directa dmin theke !!! but apni amader moddhye i achen !! dnt wry !! THANX TO YOU MOST >> AJ AMRA 5000
Now here are some more proves about his “Tormuj” character..
These are the some post exchanges between me and him in a big political debate group in Facebook (which is common for all political parties) when I posted against CPIM a after recovery of mass skeletons in West Midnapore which only helps CPIM’s..
2 hours ago via Facebook Mobile · LikeUnlike

Aniruddha Bhar Tmc kormi hisebe khoma chaichi... Thana e diry hyeche cpim er nam e...proved hyni... Test er jonno miye ge6e... Sbie ke anurodh post krar age bhebe post korun...
59 minutes ago via Facebook Mobile · LikeUnlike
Swarup Chatterjee Eta ekdom sothik post kora hoyeche.. ekhane khoma chaowar kono karon nei... Spot theke amder AITYC er sokriyo kormi Thanate nije giye FIR er somoy hazir chilo... Ebong nikhoj Joggeshwar Mahato er poribarer lokera dehoke sonakto koreche... Ar tara DNA test er jonno raji hoyeche... Je sokol CPM er netader nam bollam tader nam FIR e royeche....
Now here is not the end of the story.. this water melon even made death-wish of me in his wall when I was admitted in a hospital for my illness..
Aniruddha Bhar
R firbe na.. Se ki r firbe naaaa.
Se je retired hurt hoyeche.....

Top of Form
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 Aniruddha Bhar for SC category :)
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Aniruddha Bhar ekhane likhe dis na abar.. je bojhar bujhbe ..
Now not only that his so called guardian in Facebook Mr. Gautam Majumdar (who is not all associated with TMC) and don’t have knowledge in any matter (following conversation proves that fact… that he is prescribing only 100mg twice daily Paracetamol dose to a adult)
  Aniruddha Bhar
Msg gulor reply din....
Am havng fever...

Gautam Mazumdar
calpol...100 mg 2 tab daily after meal
Rantac ... 100 mg 2 tab after meal
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                                                                Gautam Mazumdar If situation doesn't improve visit specialist Dr Chatterjee (your next door neibhour)
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Aniruddha Bhar sotti.,
11 minutes ago · LikeUnlike This is the picture of that person Gautam Majumdar
Now here is not only the end of these sad facts as it is well proved that these peoples are only opportunists but the saddest things is the so called official group of AITMC and there admins are protecting them whole heartedly and they banned that lady Piyali Sen of Bangaluru & Mrs. Sutapa Banerjee along with some veteran TMC supporters (AITMCS) like me and Mr. Joydip Chowdhury.
That time I posted it and in lots of occasion when they humiliated Sutapadi I protested, but unfortunately that lady dose backbiting to me.. Now I understand that she too was with those fakes only and she chitted me.. (here is the picture of that TORMUJ lady Sutapa Banerjee in her true color)
With her active help they destroyed Bengal Politics @ Healthy debate group and also hijacked all pages in facebook with Didi's name.
This is another TORMUJ named Pritam Saha's photo with her girl friend, he is doing nuisances in Healthy debate group etc places in facebook.
Here are some of posts from that so called official group (Although I don’t believe that in Facebook it is official.. there community in orkut is official but not in Facebook):
Joydip Chaudhuri
my request to the admins
piyaliSen kono fake profile noe
i have spoken to her in the bengaluru cell no and also
my manager verified her existence when i sent him there on official work

ikeUnlike · · Unfollow PostFollow Post · 2 hours ago
Joydip Chaudhuri hence i m adding her as our grp needs good members like her
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Tamojit Basak Gnerami korley ki hobeyJoydip Chaudhuri da??
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Gautam Mazumdar

I am not a member of Trinamool Congress party. I rarely attend meetings of the party. I don not usually go in processions of party from time to time.
Top of Form
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***************************************** Apart from it they have done lots of dirty things… I have also written a note in Facebook its link is: https://www.facebook.com/n​ote.php?note_id=2498902217​14648

It is fact that 70 to 80% members of our party (AITMC) are ex-congress men/women in our party. But for rest lots of them are Ex-CPM… Now coming to Ex- CPM concerned, you maybe right that maximum is here to take opportunity and to create nuisances... They are called as BENOJOL (filthy water) or TORMUJ (water melon). Their inside is still red and from outside they are showing how much green they are!!!!
Its not only me lots of peoples like me who had done lots of struggle for removing “Harrmad Raj” from Bengal and whole heatedly supported our beloved Didi, is now experiencing these activities by those new comers Trinamoolis and a large section of our leader (I don’t want to quote names here) now under control of those opportunists in different areas of Bengal.

Also they have created a fake profile of mine using one of my uploaded photos & partial information from my profile.

Presently they have hijacked most of the pages with "Mamata banerjee" 's name in facebook.. Peoples are thinking they are getting reply from "Didi" but these fakes are cheating all for there cheap publicity.

Please note now this Mr. Rajdip & co. suddenly started supporting BJP & RSS also other members of there team joined by an illegal Australian immigrant named Saumen Dasgupta whose visa expired long back but staying in India with the help of some Tormujs.

Now after being betrayed  by UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and  SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mamata Banerjee took her political battle to the cyber space on Saturday (16/6/12). The West Bengal Chief Minister launched a campaign on Facebook to bolster support for Trinamool Congress' presidential candidate APJ Abdul Kalam.

Friends please visit & like this page.....

There are lots of fake unofficial pages are in facebook with our beloved Didi (Mamata Banerjee) ‘s name… They are creating confusion in peoples mind…
Facebook should close those pages and also all Didi’s fan should report this to FB… Also if our administration (Proshashon) can take step against them it will be better.
At the same time I am appealing to owner/administrator of those pages to kindly remove them in favor of “Mamata Banerjee” ‘s official page.

I think party leadership should get an wake up call by this regarding Water-Melon (CPIM’s agent/Tormuj), fake, opportunist Benojol (Filthy water) Trinamoolies!!

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  1. I have seen these nuisances in Facebook, Thanks to Saroop babu for this article…
    These peoples are really harmful to party (TMC).
    They are only busy with self advertisement and other vested interest.
    I request to our respected Didi & others in high command to take action against them & there pages etc… If you (means party) failed to take action against them or allow them to continue there activities real TMC lovers will be dishearten like Saroop babu… Also image of party will be hampered in public eye…
    I am surprised to see how party allowing those hooliganis to comment as “Mamata Banerjee” or to act like big bosses of TMC in Facebook??
    Dr. S. Basu & others TMC lovers junior Drs from Kolkata

  2. এইসব স্বঘোষিত মাতব্বরদের বিরুদ্ধে ব্যাবস্তা না নেওয়ার জন্যই আজ চারিদিকে তৃণমূলী চ্যাংরারা নোংরামি করে বেড়াচ্ছে আর দিদির বদনাম হচ্ছে।
    ঃ নাম প্রকাশে অনিচ্ছুক এক অধ্যাপিকা।

  3. These peoples really emerged after election, and Mr. Chattopadhyay rightly named them as “Tormuj”, they are black spot in TMC although if at all they are actually in TMC.

    I also think like Dr. Basu & unnamed lecturer/professor they are making harm to TMC’s image only and TMC must take action against them immediately..

  4. Saroop da you are very rightly called that they are BENOJOL (filthy water) or TORMUJ (water melon).
    But now Trinamool is full of that kind of persons and they have been encouraged by high command...
    I am sure party will not take any action against them as they love & respects Tormujs.

  5. I also think Mr. Mrinmoy is correct, apart from it I believe TMC will be finished by these frankestins!!
    In 2016 again CPM will come to power, :D

  6. Recently Gautam Mazumdar & co has given a declaration that they are not official fan page of DIDI, he has even started to attaract clients for making investments in in his share broking firm using the name of didi.They have also deactivated few of the pages opened in the names of other high profile leaders , also this person is involved in a scandal involving woman , proof of which i will submit here very soon

  7. Sutapa Banerjee Anirudhha Bhar & co has also threatened me of physical assault the screen shots of which I will submit shortly.It is amazing that persons from good(?) families use such filthy words against me and also against Mr.Saroop Chattopadhay, Mrs Piyali Sen and others.This only shows the lack of culture

  8. I am a veteran person still active in Facebook & others, so I know that Mr. Chattopadhyay is fighting against CPM since long at least in web world. I am also keeping watch of them (means Mr.Bhar, Mr.Majumdar, & co) since last assembly election.
    The way few hooligans (Dr. Das very rightly used this phrase) are using TMC & Didi ‘s name for there self propaganda & business & the way they side lining real fighters against communist is very shameful and not at all acceptable.
    I wonder how this Gautam Majumdar & Aniruddha Bhar are allowed to comment in Facebook as Mamata Banerjee in that page and why party is silent??
    I really feel Trinamool is acting like Dhritarashtra and allowing all nuisances of these Duryadhanas!!
    If this is continued Trinamool will be finished very soon and peoples like Kaushik (refer to his earlier comment here) will enjoy the fall of Trinamool..

  9. নোংরামি নোংরামি আর নোংরামি, এখন তৃণমুল নোংরামিতে ভরে গেছে, এইসব নোংরা লোকেরাই এখন পার্টিতে আসল সন্মান আর প্রশ্যয় পাচ্ছে । ছি: ছি:

  10. Simply saying they mean those "Tormujs" & "Benojols" should be kicked out. If they still get importency & support from party its a shame.
    Then I think Mr.Kar is correct Trinamool is now like "Dhritarashtra" & they are encouraging those "Duryadhonas".

  11. @sumitra devi: u r spot on. TMC ke Biswas kore vote dewa tai bhul hoyechilo. era CPM er cheyeo boro osobbho, chor and corrupted

  12. Dear readers/visitors of this blog,
    I respect all of you that’s why I am allowing comments but that doesn’t mean I am agreed with all of you…
    Specially regarding last comments by anonymous and Sumitra debi, I am not at all agreed…
    Yes there are few bad elements have entered in Trinamool and for that reason only I have written this article in this blog…
    But that doesn’t mean majority of us are dirty or corrupted… Still majority of TMC is good and over all it is much better than CPM…
    Please keep faith on us and believe me for few rotten elements (like those mentioned in this article with pictures & proves) please don’t think total TMC is bad.
    Overall thanks for keeping faith in TMC and thanks for visiting this blog and your valuable comments.. Please continue it..

  13. The uncultured filthy people have again started using fakes profiles named uddhar korte esechi & sobuj lorai have started creating trouble again.Actually these are the paid agents of CPI(M) who want to sabotage the new govt under Smt Mamata Banerjee.They are being led by Gautam Mazumdar, Sutapa Banerjee and Anirudhha Bhar

  14. It’s really good to see that this spectacular article in Ma Mati Manush blog itself, elaborating the work of filthy water in Trinamool Congress. I am also experienced them in facebook.
    I think if Trinamool can control these nuisances in the name of Mamata Banerjee then only they will survive other wise these goons will cover up all good works of Didi & her team from peoples mind.
    My appeal to Didi please take action against these nasty peoples and also to please control your student & YUVA wing from doing bad job with there over excitements, I know young peoples are having hot blood but it is the job of seniors to control them and if require even punish them.

  15. Gautam Majumdar was not present in the scene since 2005, however after 2009 lok sabha elections where TMC did exceptionally well he appeared in the scene and started a propaganda that"He is the chief technical advisor og DIDI"
    On 20th June 2011 he along with an illegal Aussie immigrant named Sauman Dasgupta came in my office .After about 10 min of discussion he confessed that he is a share broker and had never been in touch with TMC, rather he was in CPI(M)in 2006 State Assembley elections, however seeing the strong wind of change he had switched his loyality.His main aim is to induce people to invest in his share trading business using the name of Mamata Banerjee, for that reason in the Mamata Banerjee Fan Club he has attached a link of the share trading firm.

  16. Just see the languages used here by Gautam Majumdar & Aniruddha Bhar & co. against Joydip…
    They have posted more abusive replies which I have not published as they are not suitable to publish in an open forum, even this comment also not suitable according to me still I published it to show how dangerous they are!!
    This language itself shows there culture, level and nature…
    They are not at all suitable for gentleman’s society.. They are few bad & rotten elements in our society which need to be cleaned up.

  17. This shows nothing but the nuisance culture of these TORMUJs

  18. This type of language reminds me of CPI(M) leaders like Anil Basu and Biman Bose when in pre poll campaign they started using words like these in open public forum

  19. Being a Trinamool supporter, I am really disheartened to see these things. It’s very bad for TMC that some opportunists’ persons are posses as TMC’s mouthpiece, and more pathetic is they are being allowed to do so.
    There languages and activities proves all, I fully agreed with last comment of Joydip18 that their comments reminds us Anil Basu & others of CPIM.
    I am sure they are originated from there only, that’s why they(i.e. Tormujs) are like them (i.e. Comrades) only!!

  20. These activities in Trinamool is nothing new, it is a result of Congress culture.

    I am sure like Congress TMC high command is allowing these nuisances up to certain level, and here is the danger as peoples of Bengal used to see a regimented party like CPIM where these activities will never get encouragement but now when Trinamool has emerged as substitute of them they should have not followed these bad Congressi culture.

    We have a lots of hope from Trinamool but it seems they are acting only a version of Congress and remember Bengal’s peoples never accepted this congressi culture.

    So I am also requesting Didi & others in high command to act like a bereave party and take action against those opportunist tormujs instead of encouraging them or being Dhritarashtra!!

  21. Hello amader respected CM sombondhe Facebook er moto public domain e baje kotha likche er ki kono protibaad kora jabena. Amito bhabchi thanay diary korabo ekjon ke track o korechi. Apnara kichu suggest korun this is nuisance

  22. Dr(:P). Gautam Majumdar's prescription is very interesting..!! This is the reason why people died with wrong treatment.. These person should be behind the bar only..!!