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Diesel price hike & LPG cylinder cap is directly effecting common peoples and here is the details regrading "Danger or Disadvantages of FDI in India".. TMC is the only party who sacrificed for Aam-Admi & withdraws support from UPA-2 in protest of these decisions but other parties like SP, BSP, DMK, NCP dares CBI threat from Congress..

TMC withdrawn support from anti-peoples and scam-star Congress leaded UPA-2 government, in a protest against Diesel price hike, 6 cylinder cap on LPG, & FDA in retail.. Although one section of media who are backed by foreign multinational is shouting in favor of FDI but remember it’s a danger to our economy & independence stature.. I am describing “Danger of FDI” part later on in this article, but first let me tell you Trinamool withdrawn support not only for FDI but also for Diesel price hike and withdrawing subsidy from LPG after 6 cylinder..
Remember these two steps are also directly hitting our middle class & poor peoples..  After hike in diesel price already inflation has started in all sector also transport fare will rise further.. Common man are suffered most by these decision..  TMC is the only party who is sacrificed for protesting against these anti-people step by Congress..
Our PM says “Money doesn't grow on trees”; but Mr.PM, Do you believe money grows on coal mines or at airport or in 2G or in commonwealth??
Actually money doesn't grows on trees but it grows on SCAMS & deposits at Swiss bank ac of corrupted politicians :-)
In my earlier post I described that these decisions are taken only with the direction of foreign multinational and foreign state heads.. Also this anti-people act by them is a tactics to divert attention from their Scams by which they are looting country… 
An in-depth analysis of these things posted earlier in this blog. Link:
Mamta Banerjee is only leader who is fighting and sacrificing for common man. Says she is not scared anyone in fighting for common man…
She also says that “Congress Government betrayed with parliament & people of India as they back geared from their own commitment in parliament. She says “this action by a minority government questions its credibility. It also defies democratic tradition in the context of the assurance given in a statement by the former Finance Minister on 7/12/2011 in Lok Sabha to go in for consensus among all stake holders before taking a decision.
It is not understandable as to what has prompted the present minority government to take a hurried decision on such an important issue which touches the livelihood of millions of common people.”
Now in public some other parties are also protesting against these but they are not vocal as TMC and they are not withdrawing support from PA-2 as they (NCP, SP, BSP, RJD, DMK etc)  have fear to cover-up scams like etc also they are greedy for power by any means.. Congress is blackmailing them in the name of CBI, those leaders knows they have done lots of crimes so CBI can easily catch hold of them..
Here are the details of Black money accounts of these parties’ leaders and Congress leaders which is the main reason for main reason why Congress is confident to continue full term.
Now I am describing “Dangers of FDI in India”:
The much-awaited go-ahead for FDI in multi-brand retail has raised fears not only of unemployment but of creation of monopolies in the food sector.
FDI enthusiasts say the entry of Wal-Mart and its ilk will ensure that the producer gets a better price, the consumer gets cheaper products (as the company purchases directly from the farmgate, there is no middleman) and jobs and infrastructure are created.
This rosy picture must be taken with a pinch of salt. To begin with, the FDI proposal was initiated long before food inflation became an issue, so clearly it has been pushed through because of considerations other than rising prices.
Nowhere in the world have the farmers who supply goods to big retail chains benefitted. It is difficult to understand how they would benefit, when players like Wal-Mart look for the cheapest possible suppliers. To sell cheap, they buy even cheaper.
The contention that FDI will create jobs is also open to question, as it is more likely to create large-scale unemployment. The unorganised retail trade in India accounts for over 40 million jobs and 98 per cent of the total trade. This includes pansaaris, kirana shops, hardware stores, convenience stores, weekly haats, paan and tobacco shops, as well as a whole range of teh-bazaari (pavement vendors). It is informal, with credit traditionally extended on trust and based on an intricate web of relationships.
The majority of consumers, who buy essentials from their neighborhood stores on credit and pay bills on a monthly basis, will also suffer with the disruption of the traditional system.
Hundreds of thousands of people who earn their livelihood from the 12 million existing retail outlets may be put out of business by Big Retail. Some may find employment with Big Retail although this is doubtful given their lack of language skills or education -- the minimum requirement for staff at any sizeable store is a command of English. Even if they did, there would not be enough jobs to go around.
Global retail giants are highly capital intensive and create fewer jobs. A single Wal-Mart store could put tens of thousands of mom and pop stores out of business -- as it did in the US -- while generating perhaps 3,000 jobs.
Traditional retail will struggle with the likes of Wal-Mart and lose, because Big Retail with its deep pockets, would resort to predatory pricing. Nor should we expect ethical practices from multinational players.
Drawbacks to allowing FDI in retail were pointed out by the Standing Committee of Parliament in June 2009. In the absence of a level playing field between Indian retail and the MNCs, it suggested comprehensive steps to strengthen the former before opening the gates to FDI. Otherwise, it said, the economy would suffer and widespread unemployment would lead to social unrest.
The third great myth about FDI in retail is that it will improve infrastructure by attracting investment in storage and transportation. Why Indian companies in the retail sector have not invested in the back-end along with the front-end is yet to be explained.
By allowing the entry of Big Retail, we run the risk of creating Western-style monopolies. In the US, a handful of companies control food, right from the seed to the shelf. This cannot work in our highly decentralised Indian context, characterised by a multi-tiered marketing system.
The other big fear is that FDI in multi-brand retail is just the thin end of the wedge. At the end of the day, Big Food wants to create its own captive supply base, which is more reliable than contract farming. The existing regulatory framework on agriculture does not permit corporate ownership of farmland.
While FDIs may increase the aggregate demand of the host economy in the short run, via productivity improvements and technological transfers, critics have also raised concerns over the efficacy of purported benefits of direct investments. This theory follows the rationale that the long-run balance of payment position of the host economy is jeopardized when the investor manages to recover its initial outlay. Once the initial investment starts to turn profitable, it is inevitable that capital returns from the host country to where it originated from, that is the home country.
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Trinamool Congress quitting UPA-2 government in protest, they are also pulling out their 7 ministers from Manmohan Singh's cabinet.. TMC is the only party who is sacrificing for protesting against fuel price hike, LPG cylinder cap & FDA in retail.. It shows Mamata Banerjee always fights for common man..

Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress (TMC)

withdraws support from scam-star UPA-2:

After meeting of Trinamool Congress 's extended Parliamentary party, today (18/9) TMC announced that it will be not a part of anti-peoples and scam-star Congress leaded UPA-2 government. TMC supremo Mamta Banerjee herself announced this decision.
In a protest against Diesel price hike, 6 cylinder cap on LPG, & FDA in retail, TMC announce that they will not be part of Manmohan's cabinet. Now all seven ministers of Trinamool will submit their resignation to PM on Friday (21/9) at 3pm.

Mamata also expressed her disappointment over comments of some baseless leaders of Bengal Congress against Trinamool since long. Mamata also lashed out over Congress for Coalgate & Black money issue. She directly told these issues (Fuel hike, LPG cap, FDA) brought by Congress to divert peoples mind from Scams & Black money issues.
Mamata shows she is only fearless politician in India & she doesn't need to cover-up any scam also not greedy for ministry like others parties who is directly or indirectly supporting UPA-2..

Mamta told in press conferance: "We have decided to quit UPA. Our ministers will submit their resignation on Friday to PM, UPA never took us into confidence before taking decision on price hike in spite of our repeated requests. FDA will kill farmers. UPA make 'policy decisions' but discriminate between states. I don't accept this."

Earlier Trinamool gave 72 hrs deadlines to Congress for rethinking its anti-common man decisions but this shameless scam-star Congress government going on with their anti-people decisions ignoring TMC’s protest.
The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA), chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Friday (14/9) decided to allow up to 51 percent foreign direct investment (FDI) in multi-brand retail.
This followed the announcement Thursday (13/9) of a hike in diesel price by Rs 5/- a litter and restricted availability of subsidized cooking gas cylinders per family to six per year.
Trinamool has always stood against any kind of price rise, be it railway fare hike or fuel price hike. Mamata Banerjee has repeatedly asked the centre to take concrete steps to bring back the black money from abroad, but they have not heeded.
Mamata Banerjee says on facebook: In my opinion, instead of continuing to burden the farmers and common people, by way of increase in taxes and prices of diesel and petrol to raise resources, the Centre should now start thinking of utilizing large amount of black money lying in the country and abroad. A substantial amount of it, can be gainfully utilized for developmental work. Further, a large amount of ‘benami’ assets and funds need to be unearthed. This can also be used for development of the country….
We cannot support price hike on diesel and reduction in subsidized LPG cylinders. Today, a decision has been taken allowing FDI in Retail Sector. It is a big jolt. We are really sorry. We cannot support anything that is against the interest of the poor and common people. Loot cholchhe loot.
Sometimes speech is silver and silence is golden. We are not party to it. We are not supporting these anti-people decisions. We are very much serious about these developments and ready to take hard decisions if these issues are not reconsidered..”
Terming the decision of allowing overseas investments in multi-brand retail as unexpected, Trinamool leader and union minister Sudip Bandopadhyay said "On principle we have said that we don't want this. A few days back there was a UPA coordination committee meeting, where Mamata Banerjee was herself present. In that meeting it was decided that any big decision will be taken after consultation in the coordination committee,".
"But nothing of that sort was done. They should not forget that Trinamool is the second largest constituent of UPA. Mamata Banerjee is against such decision," he said.
The nod for multi-brand retail paves the way for the global retail giants like Walmart and Carrefour to open their stores in India.
The cabinet, in November last year, had decided to allow up to 51 percent FDI in multi-brand retail.
But the move was kept in abeyance following protests from opposition as well as some of the allies of the ruling United Progressive Alliance among which TMC was most vocal as they doesn’t have fear to cover-up scams like NCP, SP, BSP, RJD etc also they are not greedy for ministry like DMK etc..
Earlier TMC MP Kunal Ghosh tweeted: What is reform? Price-hike, new taxes, privatization, disinvestment, opening door for foreign forces and destroying our own infrastructure?
Only Mamata Banerjee can give a real fight to protect common people. Total working class of India thinks that she is the only voice to be trusted..”

Edited on 19/9: Today Mamta Banerjee said on facebook: "We respect the common people. We vouch by our credentials and our total commitment is to the cause of the common people. Our life is borne out of struggle to protect the interests of the common people - ma, mati, manush. We know what we are doing and how the interests of common men should be protected.
Let us fight the battle together for the cause of the common people. I appeal to all my brothers and sisters to be bold and remain united to protect the country from disaster."
Hope viewers remembers that only yesterday I have written this:
Actually Congress now completely forgotten “Aam Admi (common people)” and they are acting only with the direction of foreign multinational and foreign state heads.. Also this anti-people act by them is a tactics to divert attention from their Scams by which they are looting country… 
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"COALGATE" Scam now hits CPM {actually CPI(M)}, as CBI now investigating Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee government's recommendations... This may be one of the reasons for CPM grabbed donation to the tune of Rs 335 Cr & made public just 1% of their donors where as Mamata Banerjee takes the moral high ground on transparency and ethics...

The CBI is now probing recommendations made by the Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee government for allocation of nine coal blocks in the state between 2005 and 2008 to companies like Bhushan Steel, Rashmi Cement, Ramsarup, Adhunik and Jai Balaji. These are apart from the six coal blocks the Bengal government got through the state dispensation route and allotted to Jai Balaji, JSW and a consortium of three firms.
Now ever since “The Association for Democratic Reforms” made it public after compilation of  information based on the submissions given to the Election Commission of India which show that the CPM has  got donations to the tune of Rs 335 crore people are suspecting nexus of CPM with corporate.. Now this development is concreted that believe.. Please note that CPM made public just 1 per cent of their donors to keep the identity of their beneficiaries (yes these industrialist are beneficiaries for their donation to CPM) where as Mamata Banerjee takes the moral high ground on transparency and ethics, the Trinamool Congress is among the handful of political outfits that haven't revealed donations received in the party fund for the seven-year period between the 2004-05 and 2010-11 fiscals.
I have written details earlier in this blog about donation of CPM, article link:
Prior to that, your Blog (Ma Mati Manush Blog) published story of housing scam by CPM which is bigger than “Adarsh Scam”.. Story link:
These are only few examples of how CPIM has now become “Communist Party of India – Money looters” …
Now coming back to CPIM’s “Coalgate”, the coal blocks under the scanner were not routed through the West Bengal Mineral Trading and Development Corporation (WBMTDC), but were allocated to the companies by the Centre on the basis of the recommendations of the Left regime.
The CBI has sought information from the Mamata regime about Bankura DRI Mining Manufacturing Company (iron and steel and sponge iron plants), Jai Balaji Sponge (two power and sponge iron plants), Rashmi Cement (steel and sponge iron plant), Bhushan Steel (iron and steel plant), Sova Ispat (sponge iron plant), Ramsarup Lohh Udyog (iron and steel plant), Adhunik Corporation (sponge iron, hot-rolled product plant) and Himachal Emta Power.
These industries are well known for their good relation with Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee & CPIM and it is well understood the reasons for not making public of their donors by CPIM…
Shame on you Communist Party of India – Money Looters….
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Mystery of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's reported death, some hidden facts.. "The demand for declassification of all secret Netaji files must come from Bengal first," says writer of a new controversial book on Netaji mystery "India's biggest cover-up"...

A new book on the mystery surrounding Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s reported death and survival for decades afterwards is causing a flutter in social as well as mainstream media.  New Delhi-based independent researcher, Anuj Dhar has piled up freshly uncovered facts and insights in his book “India’s biggest cover-up”. What makes the book stands apart from any other book published in India in last few years is that it uses over 200 images to supplement its engrossing narrative. Some 90 of these images, according to Dhar, come from still secret Government of India records.
Dhar, who is not a Bengali, has spent more than a decade in making sense of the vexed issue and had obtained information from the Taiwan government ruling out the alleged air crash which supposedly killed the tallest national leader from Bengal. In his book, Dhar invalidates the air crash theory, supports the view that Netaji escaped to the former Soviet Union with Japanese help, and, surprisingly, details a most interesting "dead man" angle.
In an interaction with “Ma Mati Manush-Blog” ( ), Anuj recalls that a strange thing happened in 2007 when he and his friends were in the middle of an RTI quest to seek release of over 200 secret records used by the Khosla Commission to support the official theory of Netaji's reported death in Taiwan at the close of WWII. The Ministry of Home Affairs was refusing to declassify them and the Information Commissioner A N Tiwari (later Chief Information Commissioner) was left with no option but to ask them point blank why it could not be done.
After a while, Tiwari, a former Secretary to the Government of India, received a letter from his friend, the then Home Secretary. The letter was marked "Secret" but Tiwari, says Dhar, could hardly conceal his sense of bafflement after going through it.  “He told us that the Home Secretary was not in favour of the disclosure of the records because doing so would ‘may lead to a serious law and order problem in the country, especially in West Bengal’.”
“What is the meaning of all this?” Anuj Dhar asks.
In the last few days Dhar has posted many disturbing details on his Facebook page ( leading to much discussion on the social media on an issue that has disturbed generations of Indians, not just Bengalis, over the decades.  In one of his posts, he discusses a 2001 story from Hindustan Times.
The story claimed that “an Indian Ambassador was allowed to meet” Netaji in Russia “on the condition that he would not try to speak to him”. When the Ambassador wondered about what to do in case Netaji wished to speak to him, "he was told that it has been taken care of".
Dhar presses that Hindustan Times, where he was employed earlier, is a respected national daily, not a tabloid linked to Forward Bloc or RSS. “This report proves how deeply this issue is felt everywhere.”
According to Dhar  “this ambassador was Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan” who on his return from Moscow “became India's first Vice-President and then President”.  Two more quotes from the story that Dhar highlights are quite shocking:
"But when a well-known researcher contacted Mikhael Gorbachev, the former (USSR) premier evaded a direct answer, and is alleged to have said it was up to both governments (Russia and India) to solve the issue once and for all."
"A former head of the Foreign Security Service (the old KGB) has indicated to a prominent researcher that files in Russian archives do contain detailed information -- but the onus is on the Indian Government to show more interest."
Relying on his own research, Dhar in other posts tells the story of Netaji’s plan to escape to the USSR, the only country which could have harboured him in post-world war period. The following record reproduced by him has been taken from National Archives in New Delhi and gives details of an Intelligence Bureau report based on a Japanese official speaking about the Russia plan.
Another document from the same archive posted by Dhar talks about an intelligence report about Mahatma Gandhi speaking about Netaji’s remaining alive.
Dhar tells us ( ) that he does not live in past and his book “is as much about present”. “the Mukherjee Commission report came out in 2006 not 1947,” he says. He says that “in 2012 if there's any issue concerning Netaji that requires our urgent attention, it is of the inexplicable state secrecy around him”.  He says that there are “heaps of classified records and files relating to Netaji lying in different ministries and agencies of Government of India”. He asks:  “I do not think apart from Netaji any other pre-Independence national icon of ours has had the dubious distinction of having so much of classified material about him.”
Referring to claims that there are records about Netaji in secret Russian archives, he asks, “How are we going to ask foreign governments to release them when our own is sitting on a pile of its own making?”  He gives further details about secret records that would leave anyone astonished.
“Just to give you an illustration, the Prime Minister's Office is holding 35 classified files on Netaji. Most of these files are about the reported death. Nearly 10 of the PMO's Netaji files carry the "Top Secret" stamp. The situation is more or less the same across the government. The Ministry of Home Affairs is holding secret thousands of pages about Netaji's fate. This has got to be joke because most "enlightened" people of the country--senior journalists and eminent Bengali thinkers included --have made up their minds that the Bose mystery is just gas.
“But gas it surely is not. The Ministry of External Affairs has secret files about Netaji and so has the Intelligence Bureau, some 76 of them. In fact, only a former DIB can actually tell how many files are there exactly and where they have been kept. That is such a shame, you would say. Yes, that is, and this is precisely the issue our generation must confront before it's too late. Those before us failed miserably for a variety of reasons.”
You may also get the book online.
E-edition for those outside India:
Note: This “Ma Mati Manush” blog firmly believe that mystery related to Netaji should be solved and personally I believe that Neheru-Gandhi family leaded Congress don’t want to allow public to know the real fact..
Also not only Congress but also Indian Communists are also betrayed with Netaji and if they stood behind Netaji during his fight our Indian history would have been different and we may get a bigger India from Burma (Mayanmar) to Afganisthan..
Earlier I have written a post in this blog in context of Netaji & Indian communists, readers are requested to read that also.. link:

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THE REALITY OF COMMUNISM & CPM... Know these Communists (CPIM & other Left Parties) of Bengal: There are thousand reasons not to believe Communists (Specially CPM) of India..: An article by Debasish Bhattacharjee.

Louis Pierre Althusser is the famous Algerian-born Marxist philosopher says in the book that “ideology moves, but with an immobile motion that keeps it where it is”.He discussed in the book as to how seemingly benign sounding ideology can be harmful to the economic welfare of citizens and eventually, the state.

Economic science, according to him, always strives to find that which it does not know, but knowing which people’s lives can be made better. Ideology, on the other hand, remains for too long with the obviousness of the already-known.

The CPI(M)’s ‘Draft Resolution on Some Ideological Issues’ prepared by the party for discussion and adoption at the party’s recent 20th Congress in Kozhikode, Kerala recently, is truly an ideological document in Althusser’s sense.

It claims to move with the times and update the party’s thought apparatus, but in reality, moves with an immobile motion that keeps it where it is. It works to relentlessly represent all the economic difficult questions of our times, as if they were already known to the founders of ‘Marxism-Leninism’.

The relevance and revelation of the document can be assessed by the issues it deals with, and also by the issues it chooses to leave out like an obvious political content that it chooses not to cover is the defeat of the 34-year-old Left Front rule in West Bengal, although this was the first major document brought out by CPI(M) after the defeat.

The document does make an oblique reference when it reflects on what socialism might mean in the twenty-first century, but for some inexplicable reasons it chooses not to directly deal with it.

In India we all are very much aware that now Naxalism is the single largest threat to the country.

The economic issues that the document chooses not to cover are two-fold. Firstly, it chooses not to talk about far-left radical communists — the Naxals, the origins of which can be traced to the Marxist–Leninist in 1967. Naxalism is as much an economic problem,as it is a political problem. The Marxist-Leninist don’t even concede that their ideological off-shoot has caused more economic harm to the country in recent years than even terrorism.

The Left choose not to condemn any of the high profile kidnapping of foreign tourists or IAS officer in Odisha and other neighbouring states. Earlier, the underworld in Mumbai or local gangs in Bihar used to resort to a roguish crime like kidnapping. Now the Naxals do it as a routine.

Ideologically, the Left choose to turn a blind eye about this menace which is a spin-off of their own ideological thinking. Even terrorism has purportedly an ideology, but it is a flawed one, like that of the Naxals.

The second issue that it chooses not to focus is the youth of the country. Throughout the document, there is no direct or oblique reference to issues that might be of consequence to today’s youth. Clearly, the old guard doesn’t think that the new generation is worthy of discussion for the party. The party can perhaps take another leaf out of China and focus on issues pertaining to the youth, than justify their ideology and therefore, hoping against hope of a revival of communism in the country.
“Which is next to impossible”.

Perhaps, the next time they even they will become extinct to come with a document to realize how ideology can be damaging to the economic well-being of the country, and even destroyed themselves by being peripatetic, the immobile way.SAY NO TO COMMUNISM AND SAVE THIS NATION FOR GOD SAKE.
The then opposition Trinamool Congress chief & present CM of WB, Miss Mamata Banerjee has often complained about the “cadre-isation" of Bureaucrats and police of... Facers by the Left front over the past three decades. Here is proof of exactly how deep the rot has sunk.
The shame and spinelessness of Bengal's Bureaucrats and Police officers during 34 years of Left Front rule has often been came to news regarding various political issues for their shameless unlawful supports to Left Front Govt.

Well, here's why many of them may have thought it prudent to go along with whatever their political masters ordered. Yes, 60 of the state's top IAS and IPS officers applied for, and were sanctioned, plots in Rajarhat-New Town, Kolkata's most prestigious suburb, from the “special quota” and “discretionary quota” of former housing minister and former chairman of the Housing and Infrastructure Development Corporation (Hidco), Mr Gautam Deb, of the CPI-M.

Each and every one of these officers named are today landowners, owners of flats or members of cooperative societies, with plots of either 2.99 cottah or 4.485 cottah in their names. Small house or big bungalow, each demand was taken care of, apparently.

But the things to seriously ponder is: whilst some of these bureaucrats and top cops have retired, an overwhelming majority of them presently hold key posts in the civil or police administrations of the Trinamul Congress-run government.


Finally I would like to finish quoting some lines of the great leader John F. Kennedy that:

Communism has never come to power in a country that was not disrupted by war or corruption, or both.
Another important points said by one of the God father of Communist:
Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy.
……………………………Mao Tse-Tung

Bandemataram. Debasish Bhattacharjee (!/debpharma)

This article is written by my facebook friend Debasish Bhattacharjee...:
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