Thursday, December 29, 2011

In Lokpal issue some latest developments shows Indian Parliament (Loksabha & Rajyasabha) is supreme and "Anna Hazare" & his "India Against Corruption" can't controlled our democracy from street or ground, also Trinamool Congress (TMC) 's stand proves correct.

In last week of 2011 some important developments take place in Lokpal issue.

The government’s version of the Lokpal Bill was passed with a voice vote in Lok Sabha on Tuesday, 27th Dec’11.

      Facing a cold response to his dharna politics in Mumbai, anti corruption activist Anna Hazare called off the three-day fast and the jail bharo movement on Wednesday, 28th Dec’11.     

On 29th Dec’11, Mamata Banerjee & her Trinamool Congress has once again forced the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) & others to accept its demand to delete the Lokayukta clause from the Lokpal Bill being debated in the Rajya Sabha.

Actually we all wants India without corruption but for that our elected representatives are debating at our parliament, also I salute Annaji for his fight against corruption but lately he became puppet in the hand of few persons who has some vested interests and he tried to became second “Gandhiji” of India and thus tried to dicted our parliament what is not accepted by peoples of India as a result we saw empty MMRDA ground during Annaji’s fast.

This low turnout was a proof of Hazare's decreasing popularity in spite of back door support by Bampanthi (Lefts) & Rampanthi (BJP). It’s barely a day old and is already being dubbed a “flop show.” A few thousand showed up at the MMRDA grounds at Mumbai, a scarce 500 rallied in Delhi, and an embarrassing 29 fasted in Chennai and in Kolkata they can’t even able to organized this event.

Hazare and his team decided to stick to their opposition to the Congress-led UPA government despite the ruling combine having taken forward the lokpal, judicial accountability and whistleblowers bills separately that figured in Team Anna's wish list.

Significantly, they refrained from criticizing the BJP, SP and the BSP, which opposed various provisions of the bill in Parliament on 27th Dec’11.

When asked why he and his team were not criticizing the BJP, Hazare left the press conference in a huff.

Earlier he gave a deadline to parliament to pass Lokpal bill and also he tries to dicted parliament for his version of Lokpal bill.

Clearly these things have given wrong signal about Annaji also in last few months several corruption and charges have risen against his team.

Also as per our constitution parliament is the place for making laws of our country and our elected representatives are there to make it. This things may take time but this is the right way in a parliamentary democracy… laws should be made at parliament not in the street or ground… and it should be made by elected representatives only not by the self declared guardians of society.

Another significant thing is TRINAMOOL CONGRESS (TMC) ‘s stand to keep our federal structure intact.

Participating in the debate on the Lokpal and Lokayuktas Bill, 2011, at Rajyasabha Sukhendu Sekhar Roy said, "party leader (Mamata Banerjee) has directed us to oppose the bill to the extent" it seeks to encroach on autonomy of the states.

He said the party has moved amendments to delete the clauses (63 to 97) of the bill, which deal with setting up of the lokayukutas in the states.

"I would request the government to delete chapter three (related to Lokayukutas) in its entirety," Roy said.

TMC has six members in the Upper House where the UPA does not have a majority.

Roy said the bill in its original form did not have the provision relating to the lokayukutas.

"Suddenly and surprisingly it became lokpal/lokayukutas," he said, adding finance minister Pranab Mukherjee, conveying the 'sense of the House' on August 27, had asked whether states would want separate law for the ombudsman.

Roy said the TMC was with the government, but its opposition was to the extent of the lokpal bill seeking to encroach states' autonomy.

He said TMC is opposing the bill on merit and the party did not join the 'jamboree outside where vaampanthi (Left) and rampanthi (BJP-RSS)' joined hands.

He said even before parliamentary Standing Committee, which went into the bill, several eminent jurists had suggested preserving states' autonomy.

Please remember that Trinamool also support corruption free India and it is the only major party in India which doesn’t have any corruption charges against them.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Janglemahal (Jungle Mahal) area of West Bengal is now completely peaceful & Maoists problem is well controlled by Mamata Banerjee..

Its a miracle that with in just 6 months West Bengal Government by Mamata Banrejee effectively controlled long lasting Maoists problem.
I have visited Jhargram area and even interiors from 12th to 21st Dec’11 and in those ten days I have seen complete peaceful situation prevailing in that area.

In fact now Jangalmahal area has became a tourist spot and I am sure if any one visit Jhargram & adjoining areas these days, he/she will enjoy a lot as we did..
Please see these pictures to believe this..  
These pictures are taken by me in Jhargram, Jamboni, Lalgarh, Chilkigarh, Jhitka forest areas by me..

Peoples of Jangalmahal are now happy and thankful to Mamata didi for here brilliant work to solve this long lasting problem.

Actually Miss. Mamata Banerjee had tackled this problem by two way work : One way developments and in other way properly utilizing joint forces.. Both these was not done by previous Buddhadeb’s government.

To believe what was the situation during Buddhadeb’s regime please see this picture which shows complete miserable situation at Janglemahal.

The Government of West Bengal & The Government of India both are committed to the development of Jangalmahal.

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee & Central rural development minister Jairam Ramesh both are working towards developments in Jangalmahal.
They both believed that credible implementation of welfare schemes is the key to tackling Left-wing extremism problem means Maoists!!
Mamata Banerjee already described Maoists as ‘supari killers’(contract killers) and ‘jangal mafia’ and her version is well accepted by the peoples of Janglemahal…
In one hand development is going on and in other hand Mamata Banerjee is engaged in demolishing Maoist’s arm forces..
Here also Mamata Banerjee and central home minister P. Chidambaram are working jointly to demilitarize Maoists.

Earlier there was a big victory for security forces and a huge setback for Maoists, top leader Molajula Koteshwar Rao alias Kishanji on 24th Nov ’11 killed in an encounter with security forces at Burishol village in Junglemahal area of West Bengal. with Kishenji's death, the Maoists have suffered a body-blow.

For details please visit: .

Not only this matter also lots of other top gun of Maoists are either captured or killed or surrendered and thus Maoists have lost military control of this area as well as moral control..
Now peoples of Junglemahal area are questioning ‘what is the reason that Buddhadeb & his govt was unable to kill/catch this Maoist's top gun when Mamatadi's police & joint force able to finish him within just six months??
Actually they don’t want to finished Maoists instead they were busy of fulfilling their own interest in the name of ‘operation green hunt’.

Now my appeal to you all especially to those who don’t believe that life is normal please make a visit to Jangalmahal and enjoy!!

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Trinamool Congress 's Subrata Baksi won Calcutta South (Kolkata Dakshin) Parliamentary Constituency By-Election with over 2.3L margin & "MA MATI MANUSH" Blog's prediction once again proved as correct..

Finally Trinamool Congress’s candidate Subrata Bakshi (who is very much dedicated to party and close to Mamata Banerjee) won the Calcutta South (Kolkata Dakshin) parliamentary constituency with 2,30,099 votes, which is even bigger margin than what Didi won in 2009, in spite of lower % of polling this time.. He defeated CPIm’s Com. Ritabrata Banerjee with this whooping margin. To know about this election and candidates please read my previous post (Link: )  

This result once again proves my prediction regarding Bengal’s pool is correct as I predicted 2Lakhs margin. This is not the first time, hope my regular viewers remembers that during assembly election in West Bengal also I predicted rightly..

Now coming back to this By-Election’s result out of 1902 booths CPM has managed to win only 3 booths!! It also shows drastically fall of CPM’s vote compare to 2009 parliamentary election.

In fact during 2009 parliamentary election Left front was in power and they used mussel plus administrative both power still they Left Front only managed to won 16 seats out of total 42. Now I am sure if free & fair election was held at Paschimbanga (West Bengal) Left Front will get maximum 5 seats..

Still very surprisingly some section of media and politicians in Capital (New Delhi) still gives importance to lefts but the ground reality is communists have became absolute in India also like most parts of globe. 

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Subrata Baksi(Buxi) a dedicated soldier of Didi (Mamata Banerjee) is all set to win Calcutta South (Kolkata Dakshin) Parliamentary Constituency By-Election with around/over 2Lakh margin by defiting young hooligan Leader of CPIM Com. Ritabrata Banerjee.

Note: This post is edited on 28th Nov'11 with latest openion poll survey by MMM team.
Subrata Baksi (Buxi) is a silent & dedicated soldier of Trinamool Congress who never run for publicity and who scarifies his won assembly seat and even minister post (he is at present minister for Transport and PWD in W.B.) for beloved Didi (Mamata Banerjee) is now all set to win 2011 by election of Calcutta South (Kolkata Dakshin) Parliamentary Constituency By-Election which will be held on 30th Nov’11; with around/more than 2Lakh margin. Communists of India will surely face another bloody defeat by Trinamoolies.  

He will surely defeat (by minimum with this margin) Com. Ritabrata Banerjee, the hooligan leader of CPIM who is a left candidate from this constituency. Com. Banerjee is famous for creating nuisances in various college & university campuses in and around Kolkata.

Mr. Baksi (Buxi) is a senior leader of Trinamool Congress who is with Mamatadi since beginning of her journey of TMC, is always does his job silently and for the betterment of party and peoples of West Bengal. His main opponent Com. Ritabrata Banerjee is a noted hooligan leader of SFI (student wing of CPIM) who has contesting for an public election for the first time after all stall wards leaders of CPIM has refused to stand as a candidate from this constituency. Last year this hooligan Com. Banerjee lead a vandalism at Presidency college and only few days back his team bitten a student in Asutosh College after he joined to TMCP from SFI.. Also he had made false allegation against Sri Bratya Basu during last assembly election for which Sri Bratya Basu filled a case against him, which is still in court.

There is no compares of image of Mr. Baksi (Buxi) and Com. Banerjee and even CPIM’s leadership knows that they will get a thumping defeat in this by-election like all other by-election which held in W.B. after Mamatadi became chief minister.

So no one have a doubt about result only question is the margin.. As generally in by-election the turnout % is likely to be in lower side than the general election. Still “Ma Mati Manush – blog page” believes that Trinamool Candidate Mr. Baksi (Buxi) will win over minimum 1Lakh votes. Please note that in past my all prediction became 100% correct and this time also I am sure that my this prediction will be proved as 100% right.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Maoist top gun Kishenji killed in West Bengal, but left parties are condemning the killing, also divided in this issue which proved beyond any doubt that actually CPI & CPM(CPIM) has a nexus with Maoists (CPIML)

In what is being seen as a big victory for security forces and a huge setback for Maoists, top leader Molajula Koteshwar Rao alias Kishanji on Thursday(24th Nov ’11) killed in an encounter with security forces at Burishol village in Junglemahal area of West Bengal. But CPM & CPI are condemning the death of Kishenji!! Are you wondered?? But it is true (see the details), it’s proved that are ones who have a nexus with the Maoists.  

Also there is a question is coming what is the reason that Buddhadeb & his govt was unable to kill/catch this Maoist's top gun when Mamatadi's police & joint force able to finish him within just six months??
Kishenji, a Maoist politburo member, was the third in-command of the outfit. It was from Kushboni forest on the border of Jharkhand that Kishenji had been operating since 2009. Kishenji's body was identified by the AK-47 rifle he was carrying.

Kishanji was the dreaded military head of the Maoists, was killed in a joint operation by central forces and West Bengal Police in Kushboni forest in West Midnapore district on Thursday evening.

It should be noted here that Kishenji was believed to lead 22,000 armed Maoist insurgents. He and his cadres had succeeded to cut of the Junglemahal area in Bengal from the state administration for nearly 18 months since 2009. Kishenji & his men were responsible for killing more than 1000 innocent peoples and another 1000 police & paramilitary men.

But with Kishenji's death, the Maoists have suffered a body-blow that security agencies believe, will cripple their organisational capabilities in not just Bengal, but in neighbouring Jharkhand and Orissa as well.

Now see the reactions from left front’s side followings are the reactions:

CPI leader Gurudas Dasgupta on 25th Nov’11 questioned the manner in which Maoist leader Kishanji was killed and asked government to clarify whether he was done to death in "cold blood" after being arrested.
In a letter to Home Minister P Chidambaram, he claimed, "The story of the encounter appears to be fake, needs to be inquired into and the government must clarify".

Opposition CPI(M) in West Bengal  said that the loss of one individual with the killing of top Maoist leader Kishenji would not greatly affect the ultras as they have the support of “anti-national” forces.

“Kishenji as an individual does not matter, because (the Maoists) are supported by anti-national, reactionary forces. There is no reason to think that they will lose their punch with the death of an individual,” Leader of Opposition in the state Assembly, Mr Surjya Kanta Mishra said.

Mr Mishra said: “I would have been happy if he had been caught alive. I offer my sympathies to his family.”

These facts suggested that CPIM & CPI both are not at all happy with the death of Maoist leader Kishenji.. they are also very much puzzled as in Koklkata CPM state secretariat member Mohammad Salim said “The Trinamul government was initially against the deployment of joint forces in Jungle Mahal. That provided a fillip to the Maoists, who gradually began regrouping in various parts of West Midnapore and Purulia,’’ Salim also said the CPM “would always stick to its stand that the killing of innocent people in the name of ideology would have to be countered “at any cost” and that the Trinamul government shouldn’t hesitate to step up its operations”.
It also shows they are really puzzled CPM is now and also noticeable that no top leader of CPIM like Biman Bose or Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee came forward to make any statement in this issue. Their media channels 24 ghanta (Mithya ghanta) and news papers Ganashakti (Mithyashakti) & Ajkal (Mithyakal) also not praising joint forces for their this success.

These facts proves beyond any doubt that left parties are sympathizer of leftist extremist group Maoist in all parts of the world which I have mentioned from last 10 months through this blog page that “MAOISTS & MARXISTS ARE TWO SIDE OF SAME COIN”.(See this picture where CPM's top man Com. Karat is seating with maoists)

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Was Operation Green Hunt a boon to CPI(M)?? An in depth analysis with inside story of Maoist efffcted Jungalmahal area of Paschimbanga (West Bengal)..

Dear viewers you are well aware of Maoist problem in western part of Paschimbanga and please remember that previous government of Paschimbanga (then West Bengal) by leftist (mainly CPIM) was granted huge paramilitary forces by our central government and with them they have conducted a massive operation named “Operation Green Hunt” in Maoist effected areas of W.B.

But in reality this operation was a boon for CPIM as they used all paramilitary forces and other sate machinery for there own political & personal gain only.

In Jangal Mahal, a western part of West Bengal, under the jurisdiction of Paschimanchal Development department, looked after by one of the two czars of Paschim Medinipur district, former minister for Paschimanchal Development Sushanta Ghosh (the other being the Beriaite district CPIM party secretary Dipak Sarkar) it had reaped dividends for the CPI(M) which had recaptured much of its lost bases in collaboration with the Eastern Frontier Rifles and central para-military forces.
Among 40 villages such as Enayetpur, Kanakavati, Bhadutola, Karnagad, Syedpur, Goaltor,Amlaguli,Salboni and Sijua , camps for training cadres and hired goons were underwent. In the entire Jangal Mahal assembly of more than four persons were prohibited in those areas under section 144 of CrPc but CPI(M) cadres and leaders were exempted from the CrPc as they were being a reserve force to the so-called counter-insurgency operation, conducted by 35 companies ( or may be more) of central paramilitary forces to terrorise thousands of innocent and poverty-stricken Adivasis.

The CPIM’s main aim was:

1.      To displace the Adivasis in the interests of national and international monopoly houses like Vedanta, the Tatas, the Jindals and Salim Group who want to exploit mineral and human resources at extremely cheap rates without caring for ecological preservation. Violence and massive evacuation comprise the methodology.
2.      The Supply lines were almost inoperative and bus services remained stopped for 212 out of 365 days after 8 November 2008. The economy of that area was became completely standstill. In this regard the Ananda Bazar Patrika carried a vivid description of economic collapse in a two-part after-edit piece (16-17 February 2010).If one tally-marks the days of stoppage of bus services and divides them between pre- and post-13 June 2009 periods, one will find that the incidents were much higher in the post-13 June months.
3. The cruel assassination of  Lalmohan Tudu, president, Pulisi Santrasbirodhi Janaganer committee (PSJC:People’s Committee Against Police Atrocities). Doctors who did the autopsy of Tudu’s body in the morgue, found that five bullets hit Tudu from close range. The police and the CPI(M)’s Ganashakti gave the same version that he was killed in an encounter. This unholy bonhomie is no new. The DGP Bhupinder Singh at a press conference after the arrest of PSJC convenor Chhatradhar Mahato said Mahato has Rs 1.5 crore in banks. Ganashakti front-paged the statement which was subsequently proved to be a lie.
4. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Chidambaram argued that the joint operations by central and state police and para-military forces were on for restoration of law and order in order to embark on people-oriented developmental activities. Eminent advocate of the High Court of Calcutta Partha Sengupta responded sarcastically at a seminar last year. “There was no law and order problem in the last 60 years. Why developmental activities were not done in 60 years?”
It’s a clear cut and prominent shift “towards a more destructive phase, marked by increased militarization, worldwide recession and increased economic inequality” We had seen this openly in Jangalmahal areas. But this has been going on in Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. Rudiments of this were manifest at Nandigram and Singur.

Instead of militarization, In Jangal Mahal
people saw CPI(M) – please read false Marxist-
innovative of storm troopers – or the harmad
When the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh described the Maoists as `greatest’ internal security threat - parroted by his comradely ( in terms of subservience to Fund-Bank model-building in the South) colleague, minister of home affairs P Chidambaram, most of the people missed to note how globalization can “necessarily alter national security, both in its definition as well as how it is pursued, and, finally, the future of globalization”.
In this regard the newly elected CM Ms. Mamata Benerjee expressed her deep concern and given ultimatum to the people of Jangalmahal willingly to take part in the peace process and sit for a dialogue for future upliftment and to come back to the main stream.
The following schemes are already being announced by her Government in regard to development in Jangalmahal:
·       Employment Bank, which will provide jobs under various government schemes, process on since September 9 for recruiting 5,000 junior constables and as many National Volunteer Force volunteers in Jungalmahal, and applications would be accepted up to November 18.
·       Eligible candidates left over from the recruitment drive will be considered by the employment bank.
·       Foundation stone for a Rs 170 crore bridge over Subarnarekha river connecting Nayagram and Gopiballavpur laid.
·       Projects covering infrastructure development, health, education and agriculture.
·       Road connectivity in all 84 mouzas in West Midnapore district.
·       Jhargram stadium will be renovated at a cost of Rs 2.3 crore.
·       Two stadiums at Salboni and Nayagram will be built at a cost of Rs 8 crore.
·       Gymnasiums at Belpahari and Gopiballavpur.
·       Rs 14 crore to build a polytechnic college at Ramgarh.
·       Block Development Officers to oversee the affairs of panchayats that have not been functioning properly.
·       120 more seats at Jhargram Raj College
·       Model schools at Nayagram and Gopiballavpur.
·       5 Crore to WBTDC to purchase Kendu leaves fro farmers.
·       Kisan Mandis in each block
·       15 crore for minor irrigation projects.
·       5649 houses for poor
·       Portable water in Pirkata, Salboni and Khasjungal.
She is very much keen and honest for the immediate upliftment of the inhabitants of these areas those who are only kept under malnutrition, illiteracy and unemployment years after years to fulfill the CPIM czars own vested interests at the cost of innocent Adivasis life of this region. The area is rich in mineral wealth even as it holds a tremendous potential to emerge as a tourist hub.
Ms. Banerjee also expressed her concern over the growing terrorism by the so-called Maoists in the area said that her main concern was people... She also warned  those heinous barbarians  that the day is not far when the people will react in a bigger way and I can tell you the consequences will not be pleasant for you, I have faith in the common man`.
I would like to mention ‘When we able to  united against the Left Front and brought `paribartan` (change) then why can’t we all take the initiative to help the area to get rid of these cowards who prefer to come out in the dark with face covered and indulge in killings. I know the people of Jangalmahal will also able to unite against the terror in the area` and will good bye to the politics of bloodshed at any means.
Can you remember Bob Dylan’s song A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall? It was one of his longest songs, composed in 1963, after the assassination of US President J F Kennedy. Some lines apply to the pathos, scripted by the IMF, World Bank and WTO.
“Where hunger is ugly, where souls are forgotten,
  Where black is the colour, where none is the number”
  Did Bob read Red Oleander, English version of Rabindranath Tagore’s Raktakarabee ?
Ms. Banerjee is also determined to once again bring back the serene beauty of this place as once the great Bengali poet Jibananada Das wrote “Ruposhi Bangla” depicting the beauty and feel of this place.
May our hope along with our beloved Didi become true, the Harmads and CPIM czars get severe punishment and the deprived people get justice. 
This article is mainly written by my friend Mr. Debasish Bhattacharjee. Following is the introduction about him in his words only.
About me:
Hi! I am a Pharmaceutical Technologist. Presently I am working under Govt. of West Bengal and undergoing my Research work . I spent a long time in different reputed Pharmaceutical Industries of India. I have profound interests in fair and positive politics and a great fan of Mamata Didi. my dream is to see the Paschimbangla a “SONAR BANGLA” and free from crime and bloodshed.
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Saroop Chattopadhyay.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Trinamool Congress (TMC) threats to withdrawing support from UPA-2 government is justified...

We all know that West Bengal chief minister and Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo Mamata Banerjee, largest ally of the Congress party in the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government at Delhi, with 19 Lok Sabha seats, threatened to pull out in protest at the latest rise in petrol prices. TMC threatened to pull out over the petrol price hike, as Mamata says can’t support petrol price rise and her party won’t compromise on price rise’.

On 8th November’11 Trinamool’s MPs will meet Prime Minister at National Capital & TMC suprimo Mamata Banerjee will meet Finance Minister at Kolkata to discuss further..

This step was expected and a correct step as the central government has failed to control price rise and regarding fuel price its increased 11 times this year till now & they are also planning to increase Diesel & LPG price. Trinamool is a pro people’s party so they can’t be silence in this issue.

Apart from it in UPA-2 Congress is not at all listening to allies and particularly they are ignoring TMC which is there biggest allies a lot, some baseless local Congress leader even passing abusive comment to TMC & didi in regular basis.. so Mamata Didi has to react..

We also must remember that in UPA-2 TMC is the only party which is not corrupted.. So when in country Anti-corruption movement is going on TMC also shows that it is different than others..

So far central government also not kept his comment regarding special package issue, also in spite of being most less demanding partner Trinamool was the most modest.
Actually traditionally CONGRESS always helped COMMUNISTS In future to keep them in power at West Bengal so now in Congress the pro communists leaders are ignoring Trinamool as TMC is now biggest enemy of Indian Communist..

Now for the time being TMC is not withdrawing support, but I can assure you that Trinamool Congress and our beloved Mamata didi is with common man and always be with them only, so for TMC peoples interest is main goal.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nuisances in facebook with the name of Mamata Didi & AITMC (Trinamool) by Water-Melon (CPIM's agent/Tormuj), fake, opportunist Benojol (Filthy water) Trinamoolies, sadly in so called official group of party.

Last Edited on 19/06/2012.

Its very sad That so called official group/community of TRINAMOOL CONGRESS Supporters @FB & @Orkut (AITMCS & TMCS) isnow totally promoting opportunists, fake & Water Melon (TORMUJ) Trinamoolies and even they are using our beloved Didi(Mamata Banerjee)'s name.

The saddest fact is they even don’t hesitate to humiliate even ladies to promote those opportunist fake new comers…

Those fakes are never seen in pictures before last election survey by “Star Ananda”, they don’t have any political depth and also they don’t attend any TMC’s party meeting even those fakes are calling themselves as student but they were not present in last student rally by TMCP on 28/8 at Netaji Indoor…

They only can do web politics and only can Attn TMCS ‘s meeting at Nandan.

This picture shows when original TMC's supporters are on road that fake and his guru are not there...
Following is a post by Mrs. Piyali Sen in one of our TMC group :
... page named “Mamata Banerjee – Fan Club” I got threats from two persons (Rajjit Roy & Aniruddha Bhar) who threatened me by saying they are close to our Didi..
She even wrote a note in this concern:

This picture shows that fraud Aniruddha present at Nandan's meeting of TMCS (seating left of me wearing check shirt and worride face with mobile in hand).
I was not surprised after seeing this post like lots of my friends, as I know that guy is a fraud since long.

Mamata Banerjee | Fan Club

Piyali Sen
Msg for Aniruddha Bhar:
Why you left from chatting yesterday???? Are you fake???? As when I asked you about your self you suddenly stopped reply.... Whats the problem??? Why you are not giving any photo of you in your profile???? Are you hiding something????
Raj Jit Roy  Piyali Sen I think u are fake,don't try to take any way of cheating, u don't know about Aniruddha Bhar,but I don't want to inform u about Aniruddha,bcoz u are fake,we both are very close to Didi,I wrn u first time,but 2nd time I will take step........41 মিনিট আগে · ভালো লেগেছে · ১ জনের
Raj Jit Roy
@Piyali Sen We don't want to take any step against someone,I alert u, be alert......this is your first n last worn..........
It is a very unfortunate incident and fact that some peoples who are not at all associated with AITMC are using didi’s name and giving threats to ladies by saying they are close to Mamata didi.

Further I want to mention that, these fakes are posting/commenting @facebook as Mamata Banerjee, also in their page they are giving lots of bad advertisement including capital market investment ad. See the paicture:

Now here is the some messages exchanged between us  and some other posts in Facebook, which will prove that this opportunist fake used me for his own shake and he doesn’t belong to on field Trinamool party worker..

These messages & other things will prove following things:
1). He was not associated with TMC even in “web” before May’11
2) He used me for his page.
3). He wants to fulfill his own interest only.
4). With my help only he was known to TMC community..
5). They used fake profile named “Priyanka Gupta” & Then “Nivedita Gupta”, then "Sakshi Roy" then "Manoranjan Mukherjee" so on....
9). He is a liar as he said that in “Facebook” more than 3 admins per page is not allowed, which is a false statement..
10). They themselves admitted they are not party members (Aniruddha Bhar & Gautam Majumdar), they don't attened meeting, don't go to rally... They can only Attn one group meeting at Nandan in six months... Plz read these messages exchanges between us:
May 23
Aniruddha Bhar
  ha thk a6e :) r baki thk thak e a6e !!!!
  ask krechilen oe computer lagano ,, ivrs lagano niye??
May 23
na go ekhono jigges kora hoyni.. kal ami trinamool bhabane jabo... tokhon sujog bujhe byaparta niye kotha tulb
May 23
Aniruddha Bhar
okay...amra rail o kaj kori.... bsnl e o... assam ,, orrissa teo a6e...
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June 3
Aniruddha Bhar
apnar khabr ki ?? page e r asen e na ??
June 3
Swarup Chatterjee
  Asbo.... kodin ektu busy royechi...
June 3
Aniruddha Bhar
apni e main ...
June 11
Aniruddha Bhar
Tmc related joto group a6e amay add kore din to... Jetay dekhben ami add ho66ina... Sae group er link gulo amay msg kre din... Ami ask to join marbo,.. Aktu daitya niye kore din pls!
June 11
Swarup Chatterjee ok korchi.
July 19
facebook bolche 3 jon admin er besi admin rakhte parbo as anek page .. apnake remove korlam directa dmin theke !!! but apni amader moddhye i achen !! dnt wry !! THANX TO YOU MOST >> AJ AMRA 5000
Now here are some more proves about his “Tormuj” character..
These are the some post exchanges between me and him in a big political debate group in Facebook (which is common for all political parties) when I posted against CPIM a after recovery of mass skeletons in West Midnapore which only helps CPIM’s..
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Aniruddha Bhar Tmc kormi hisebe khoma chaichi... Thana e diry hyeche cpim er nam e...proved hyni... Test er jonno miye ge6e... Sbie ke anurodh post krar age bhebe post korun...
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Swarup Chatterjee Eta ekdom sothik post kora hoyeche.. ekhane khoma chaowar kono karon nei... Spot theke amder AITYC er sokriyo kormi Thanate nije giye FIR er somoy hazir chilo... Ebong nikhoj Joggeshwar Mahato er poribarer lokera dehoke sonakto koreche... Ar tara DNA test er jonno raji hoyeche... Je sokol CPM er netader nam bollam tader nam FIR e royeche....
Now here is not the end of the story.. this water melon even made death-wish of me in his wall when I was admitted in a hospital for my illness..
Aniruddha Bhar
R firbe na.. Se ki r firbe naaaa.
Se je retired hurt hoyeche.....

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 Aniruddha Bhar for SC category :)
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Aniruddha Bhar ekhane likhe dis na abar.. je bojhar bujhbe ..
Now not only that his so called guardian in Facebook Mr. Gautam Majumdar (who is not all associated with TMC) and don’t have knowledge in any matter (following conversation proves that fact… that he is prescribing only 100mg twice daily Paracetamol dose to a adult)
  Aniruddha Bhar
Msg gulor reply din....
Am havng fever...

Gautam Mazumdar
calpol...100 mg 2 tab daily after meal
Rantac ... 100 mg 2 tab after meal
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                                                                Gautam Mazumdar If situation doesn't improve visit specialist Dr Chatterjee (your next door neibhour)
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Aniruddha Bhar sotti.,
11 minutes ago · LikeUnlike This is the picture of that person Gautam Majumdar
Now here is not only the end of these sad facts as it is well proved that these peoples are only opportunists but the saddest things is the so called official group of AITMC and there admins are protecting them whole heartedly and they banned that lady Piyali Sen of Bangaluru & Mrs. Sutapa Banerjee along with some veteran TMC supporters (AITMCS) like me and Mr. Joydip Chowdhury.
That time I posted it and in lots of occasion when they humiliated Sutapadi I protested, but unfortunately that lady dose backbiting to me.. Now I understand that she too was with those fakes only and she chitted me.. (here is the picture of that TORMUJ lady Sutapa Banerjee in her true color)
With her active help they destroyed Bengal Politics @ Healthy debate group and also hijacked all pages in facebook with Didi's name.
This is another TORMUJ named Pritam Saha's photo with her girl friend, he is doing nuisances in Healthy debate group etc places in facebook.
Here are some of posts from that so called official group (Although I don’t believe that in Facebook it is official.. there community in orkut is official but not in Facebook):
Joydip Chaudhuri
my request to the admins
piyaliSen kono fake profile noe
i have spoken to her in the bengaluru cell no and also
my manager verified her existence when i sent him there on official work

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Joydip Chaudhuri hence i m adding her as our grp needs good members like her
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Tamojit Basak Gnerami korley ki hobeyJoydip Chaudhuri da??
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Gautam Mazumdar

I am not a member of Trinamool Congress party. I rarely attend meetings of the party. I don not usually go in processions of party from time to time.
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***************************************** Apart from it they have done lots of dirty things… I have also written a note in Facebook its link is:​ote.php?note_id=2498902217​14648

It is fact that 70 to 80% members of our party (AITMC) are ex-congress men/women in our party. But for rest lots of them are Ex-CPM… Now coming to Ex- CPM concerned, you maybe right that maximum is here to take opportunity and to create nuisances... They are called as BENOJOL (filthy water) or TORMUJ (water melon). Their inside is still red and from outside they are showing how much green they are!!!!
Its not only me lots of peoples like me who had done lots of struggle for removing “Harrmad Raj” from Bengal and whole heatedly supported our beloved Didi, is now experiencing these activities by those new comers Trinamoolis and a large section of our leader (I don’t want to quote names here) now under control of those opportunists in different areas of Bengal.

Also they have created a fake profile of mine using one of my uploaded photos & partial information from my profile.

Presently they have hijacked most of the pages with "Mamata banerjee" 's name in facebook.. Peoples are thinking they are getting reply from "Didi" but these fakes are cheating all for there cheap publicity.

Please note now this Mr. Rajdip & co. suddenly started supporting BJP & RSS also other members of there team joined by an illegal Australian immigrant named Saumen Dasgupta whose visa expired long back but staying in India with the help of some Tormujs.

Now after being betrayed  by UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and  SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mamata Banerjee took her political battle to the cyber space on Saturday (16/6/12). The West Bengal Chief Minister launched a campaign on Facebook to bolster support for Trinamool Congress' presidential candidate APJ Abdul Kalam.

Friends please visit & like this page.....

There are lots of fake unofficial pages are in facebook with our beloved Didi (Mamata Banerjee) ‘s name… They are creating confusion in peoples mind…
Facebook should close those pages and also all Didi’s fan should report this to FB… Also if our administration (Proshashon) can take step against them it will be better.
At the same time I am appealing to owner/administrator of those pages to kindly remove them in favor of “Mamata Banerjee” ‘s official page.

I think party leadership should get an wake up call by this regarding Water-Melon (CPIM’s agent/Tormuj), fake, opportunist Benojol (Filthy water) Trinamoolies!!

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