Friday, November 25, 2011

Maoist top gun Kishenji killed in West Bengal, but left parties are condemning the killing, also divided in this issue which proved beyond any doubt that actually CPI & CPM(CPIM) has a nexus with Maoists (CPIML)

In what is being seen as a big victory for security forces and a huge setback for Maoists, top leader Molajula Koteshwar Rao alias Kishanji on Thursday(24th Nov ’11) killed in an encounter with security forces at Burishol village in Junglemahal area of West Bengal. But CPM & CPI are condemning the death of Kishenji!! Are you wondered?? But it is true (see the details), it’s proved that are ones who have a nexus with the Maoists.  

Also there is a question is coming what is the reason that Buddhadeb & his govt was unable to kill/catch this Maoist's top gun when Mamatadi's police & joint force able to finish him within just six months??
Kishenji, a Maoist politburo member, was the third in-command of the outfit. It was from Kushboni forest on the border of Jharkhand that Kishenji had been operating since 2009. Kishenji's body was identified by the AK-47 rifle he was carrying.

Kishanji was the dreaded military head of the Maoists, was killed in a joint operation by central forces and West Bengal Police in Kushboni forest in West Midnapore district on Thursday evening.

It should be noted here that Kishenji was believed to lead 22,000 armed Maoist insurgents. He and his cadres had succeeded to cut of the Junglemahal area in Bengal from the state administration for nearly 18 months since 2009. Kishenji & his men were responsible for killing more than 1000 innocent peoples and another 1000 police & paramilitary men.

But with Kishenji's death, the Maoists have suffered a body-blow that security agencies believe, will cripple their organisational capabilities in not just Bengal, but in neighbouring Jharkhand and Orissa as well.

Now see the reactions from left front’s side followings are the reactions:

CPI leader Gurudas Dasgupta on 25th Nov’11 questioned the manner in which Maoist leader Kishanji was killed and asked government to clarify whether he was done to death in "cold blood" after being arrested.
In a letter to Home Minister P Chidambaram, he claimed, "The story of the encounter appears to be fake, needs to be inquired into and the government must clarify".

Opposition CPI(M) in West Bengal  said that the loss of one individual with the killing of top Maoist leader Kishenji would not greatly affect the ultras as they have the support of “anti-national” forces.

“Kishenji as an individual does not matter, because (the Maoists) are supported by anti-national, reactionary forces. There is no reason to think that they will lose their punch with the death of an individual,” Leader of Opposition in the state Assembly, Mr Surjya Kanta Mishra said.

Mr Mishra said: “I would have been happy if he had been caught alive. I offer my sympathies to his family.”

These facts suggested that CPIM & CPI both are not at all happy with the death of Maoist leader Kishenji.. they are also very much puzzled as in Koklkata CPM state secretariat member Mohammad Salim said “The Trinamul government was initially against the deployment of joint forces in Jungle Mahal. That provided a fillip to the Maoists, who gradually began regrouping in various parts of West Midnapore and Purulia,’’ Salim also said the CPM “would always stick to its stand that the killing of innocent people in the name of ideology would have to be countered “at any cost” and that the Trinamul government shouldn’t hesitate to step up its operations”.
It also shows they are really puzzled CPM is now and also noticeable that no top leader of CPIM like Biman Bose or Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee came forward to make any statement in this issue. Their media channels 24 ghanta (Mithya ghanta) and news papers Ganashakti (Mithyashakti) & Ajkal (Mithyakal) also not praising joint forces for their this success.

These facts proves beyond any doubt that left parties are sympathizer of leftist extremist group Maoist in all parts of the world which I have mentioned from last 10 months through this blog page that “MAOISTS & MARXISTS ARE TWO SIDE OF SAME COIN”.(See this picture where CPM's top man Com. Karat is seating with maoists)

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Thanks & Vande Mataram, Saroop Chattopadhyay.

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  1. Highly infrmative... Face opened of these criminals in disguise of communism.... The joint force should stay till development task is over..