Sunday, April 24, 2011

Former CPIM MP Anil Bose used unacceptable slang against Mamatadi, which shows true character of CPIM

At a rally in his hometown Arambagh, Basu, a CPM district secretariat member in Hooghly, had referred to a red-light zone (Sonagachi)  and used words like “bhatar” (patron or client).

You Tube video of Anil Bose’s remarks Link:
Whole Bengal’s public & civil society is very much angry with this attack against there beloved leader..  Even CPIM’s other leaders are also refused to support him.

But this is not the first time earlier same former CPI-M MP Anil Bose said in public meetings that he could have “caught Mamata by her hair and dragged her all the way from Singur to her Kalighat (Kolkata) home” and that “her head is becoming smaller but her abdomen is getting bigger”.

This comrade Anil Bose’s original name was Manik Roy and he was one of the accuse in Saibari massacre at Burdwan along with present Industry Minister of W.B. Mr.Nirupam Sen whose original name was Khokan Sen. Both of them changed there name to get rid of that blame and then W.B. govt placed a mercy appeal to court to freed them. And now these murderers are became leader of CPIM.. This is the real character of this Corrupted Murderer Party (CPM).

Now coming back to main topic, this is a typical communist habit to attack opponent personally and using slang or mock them when they are failed to restrain him or her. These Indian communist started these activities way back in 1940 to 1944 when they called Netaji Subhash Bose as a Dog of Tojo (Then Japanese PM).

People's War, the mouthpiece of the Communist Party of India (CPI) had published a cartoon on July 19, 1942 during the World War, showing Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose as a donkey carrying on its back Tojo, the Prime Minister of Japan during the war years.

Later they have done personal attack to Indira Gandhi, Rajib Gandhi etc all great leaders. They even attacked Gurudev Rabindranath as a capitalist (Burjoya) and Ramakrishna Paramhansha as a “Mad Man” (Pagla thakur).

Now CM is saying “I have told the party to caution him so we don’t have to hear such language in future. He spared not a thought for decency... what more can I say… such remarks go against communist culture” means he cannot take any action, he is saying ‘what more I can say”.. shame on you Buddhadeb!!

Remember this man Buddhadeb earlier said that those who will protest against him he will crash there head (matha bhenge debo) and he does that also in Nandigram, Singur, Netai etc places.. even after Nandigram killing Buddha’s initial reaction was “paid back there own coin” can you believe this is the statement of a chief minister of a state!!

Left front chairman Com. Biman Bose also once said “Kiser poriborton? Mukher na pachar?” (what type of change? Face or back?)

So this is the culture and this is the true character of CPIM & all Indian communists..


So it is clear that this Anil Bose is no exceptional he is having same character as Buddhadeb, Biman Bose etc.. they all are from same breed.


  1. suorer bacha kuni anil bose ,

  2. A NEW TITLE HAS ADDED TO CPM: CPM leaders were called “ HARMAD” so far, now a new title has added to them, which is “ UNMAD”.

  3. A NEW TITLE HAS ADDED TO CPM: CPM leaders were called “ HARMAD” so far, now a new title has added to them, which is “ UNMAD”.

  4. sala ta bhangbe kin2 tao machkabe na!!!

  5. Dear Swarup Da,
    Nothing new to say, only remember DIDI’s reaction after Anil Basu’s meeting. They have never respected our great men, so it is obvious that they won’t respect our common people (Except Comreds).
    আপনার প্রচেষ্টা সফল হয়াছে, হারমাদ দের আসল চরিত্র আজ মানুশ এর সামনে প্রকাশ হইয়াছে।
    জয় হিন্দ

  6. Dear Friends,
    I just Want to say few words, that in this 35 years our respected(in joking sense) some comrades are thinked that we the west bengal civilians are handicapped. And so they can do any thing mischievous with us. And when our beloved (In real sense) Madam MAMATA BANERJEE started to holding a tight protest against this so called socialist. Then this creatures strted to attack her (Mdam MAMATA BANERJEE) over their dirty like garbage langusge. So friend if we the civilians not awake still now then think what it will become to us. That This so called human beings will attack us with this kind of third grade slang to our family (MAA-BON-DIDI so on so). I just want to ask you my friend "About this incident What you want to take step !" PLEASE WRITE ME AT " "
    I am waiting for your reply

  7. Anil Bose a veteran communist of CPIM had made a comment on Our Railway Minister Smt. Mamta Banerjee,in my findings I found it a very letch & cursive behavior of such an Aged(?) person. He must been arrested for using such an abusive language to a Central Minister, & may be our future Chief Minister.

  8. WE LOVE YOU DIDI.........................GOD BLESS YOU.............AND WISH YOU A 100 YEARS LIFE FOR THE SHAKE OF BENGAL.................