Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Opinion Poll results shows Mamata will sweep West Bengal if election held now.. MMM-Blog survey predicted 35 seats for TMC, 5 for Left & only 2 for Watermelon Bengal Congress. Even Pro-Congress & Pro Left channel like NDTV showing TMC is well ahed in spite of all paid news by section of Bengali & National Media..

Current survey by all sources showing in spite of all those yellow journalism by Bengali TV channels like “ABP Ananda”, “24-Ghonta” & National channels like “Times Now”, “CNN-IBN”, “NDTV” etc peoples of West Bengal is still with Mamata Banerjee & her Trinamool Congress. Yesterday famous Pro-Left channel NDTV’ survey shows if LS (Loksabha) election held now TMC will get 27 seats and Lefts will get 12 seats and betrayer watermelon Bengal Congress will get 3 seats only.
But as per details survey carried out by this “Maa Mati Manush” (Ma Mati Manush) blog in all 42 parliamentary constituencies in West Bengal we found that even if TMC fights election alone they will get 35 seats and Lefts will get 5 seats and Congress will get only 2 seats. Our team carried out surveys in between first to third week of August’12 and visited all 42 constituencies in Bengal. I alone also visited 18 constituencies before this final prediction. We have collected samples of around 700 peoples from each constituency all total we have asked their opinion from around 30000 voters spread upon all sections of society.

মা মাটি মানুষ ব্লগের সমীক্ষা অনুযায়ী এখনি ভোট হলে বাংলায় তৃণমূল ৩৫ টি, বামেরা ৫ টি ও কংগ্রেস ২ টি আসন পাবে ।

These survey results show that Bengal’s publics rejected all sorts of yellow journalism & paid stories by section of Bengal & National media. It is also proving that Bengal is disapproving so called Watermelon leaders of Bengal-Congress totally.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday (28th Aug’12) said that her party is ready in the event of a mid-term Lok Sabha elections.
She, however, made it a point to mention that her party is in favor of the UPA-II completing its full term at the Centre.
Banerjee’s party, the Trinamool Congress, is the second largest party in the ruling coalition of the UPA-II at the Centre with 20 + 1 MPs in the Lok Sabha and 8 MPs in the Rajya Sabha.
“We want the UPA government to complete its full term. We would not like it to collapse mid-way,” she told reporters at Writers Buildings (State secretariat).
“But our party is ready. Anytime we can go for elections. We are ready to serve the people,” she added when asked about the eventuality of a mid-term poll.
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  1. i opined TMC under leadership of Mamta Banerji will get more than 35 seats in case MTP takes place..or even in GE-2014..Mamta Banerji is one of the dynamic lady who cares for general public.This is the main reason every one in the country in her favor...
    Thanks for sharing the relevant details .Mr. S.Chattopadyaya

  2. I think 30 to 32 seats will manage under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee.....And that will make Trinomool more powerful for up coming days.....