Friday, January 24, 2014

On Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s Birthday the members of ‘Bose Family’ & people of Kolkata strongly demanded for ‘Declassification of all Secret Netaji Files’ by India’s central & various state governments along with demand for ‘Deshprem Divas’ & also condemned Netaji Research Bureau’s Anti-Netaji activities.

‘Deshprem Divas’ Rally was organized by “The Open Platform For Netaji” on Netaji’s 117th birth anniversary In collaboration with “Mission Netaji”, “Indian Socialist Democratic Forum”, “Netaji Subhash Struggle Front” & “Right to Recall” on 23rd Jan’14 at Kolkata.

The protesters marched for around six km from Red Road to the Netaji Bhawan on Elgin Road, the family’s ancestral house which has a museum and also acts as a research center on the life of the nationalist leader. Mr. Sugata and his mother Krishna Bose run the bureau. Chandra Bose, other family members and hundreds of people under these forum marched on 23rd Jan’14 demanding complete declassification of all secret Netaji files by PMO & other departments of Government of India along with secret files lies with West Bengal, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra etc state governments.

Netaji’s grand-nephew Chandra Kumar Bose and 30 to 35 family members and a group of youngsters & peoples from all ages cutting their political lines united under the forum of ‘Open Platform for Netaji’ were protesting and shouting slogans against Sugata Bose who runs the research body when police drove them away.

 “He [Mr. Sugata] has told us that declassification of files relating to the mysterious disappearance of Netaji in 1945 is a non-issue, but the PMO has admitted that they have secret files with them. We were protesting peacefully to demand a public statement from him on this issue when the police forced us to exit,” Mr. Chandra Kumar Bose told during rally.
“They have converted the Netaji Bhawan into a business venture and a political forum. So we demand that they must be thrown out,” said some of Netaji’s family members. They demanded that the National Archives should take over the heritage property.
Netaji's grand-nephew Chandra Bose also said, "The whole country is celebrating the birthday of our national hero Netaji but we do not know when and how he died. The government has the answers to all these questions in the form of secret files relating to his death. Now they must release it". 

Researcher Anuj Dhar who has written three books on the Netaji’s disappearance, said, “We have information that the West Bengal government also has more than 60 files relating to Netaji.“Mamata Banerjee must first release these files and then persuade the Centre to release the files they have,” he said.  

Another Bose Family member Mr. Abhijit Roy presented authentic facts & data to establish the fact that Netaji didn’t died at plane crash and this plane crash practically didn’t happened at all. He strongly demanded that all secret files must be declassified immediately.

Another speaker Mr. Ashoke Bhattacharya very sentimentally highlighted Netaji’s contributions and works which still motivate large number of Indian peoples.

I (Saroop Chattopadhyay) also strongly raised these demands during my lecture and also said that this “Netaji Research Bureau” can’t be allowed run to please the betrayer family of India i.e. ‘Nehru-Gandhi family’. I also told that peoples of India must know the fact that British Government left India due to Netaji and not due to ‘Nehru-Gandhi family’ and so in place of them ‘Bose family’ should be known as ‘first family of India’.

Other activists also strongly demanded that Netaji’s Birthday should be announced as “Deshprem Divas” by Government immediately along with ‘declassification’ demand. They also played an audio tape which proved the fact that Prof. Sugata Bose clearly told that declassification of Netaji files is a ‘non-issue’.
They demanded immediate condemnation of this statement and was sitting on a ‘Dharna’ till death & shouting slogans against Prof. Sugata Bose when police drove them away and stop removed them from in-front of the gate of Netaji Bhawan & forcefully stopped mike. Actually police wanted to evacuate them immediately, still they continued their ‘Dharna’ up to 9pm then to avoid confutation with administration they leave the place peacefully after giving their deputation.

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