Friday, September 11, 2015

Finally our demand for Declassification of Secret Netaji Files partially fulfilled as Mamata Banerjee announced that Netaji files to be made public by West Bengal Government from next Friday.

Mamata Banerjee proves that she can do the things which any other government (Central or State) failed to do in last 68 years in Independent India.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today announced that 64 files on Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose lying with the state’s Home Department will declassify and put in public domain from next Friday (18/09/2015).

In a press meet at the Secretariat at Nabanna, she said, "We are doing this for the sake of transparency and accountability.. people should know.”
" He [SubhasChandra Bose] lived here, engaged in politics from here, launched his struggles from here, yet we do not know what happened to him after he left.. it is a mystery ", Ms Banerjee said adding that she too did not know that volumes of files were lying locked all this while in the city.
These files would now be readied and kept in the Police Archives for all to see. It was up to the media to unravel the truth. "People must know the truth."
This is really a historic decision, as in last 68 years of Independent India no other politician shows the courage to Declassify Netaji Files. Remember Mamata Banerjee is also the only woman who has courage to jail AMRI director for unlawful health business in spite of knowing that Bengal Media will be her anti by this move. Now she takes this bold step for the sake of India.

On behalf of MMM-Blog  I welcome the decision of Mamata Banerjee to #DeclassifyNetajiFiles.

Thanks DIDI you have shown the way, now Center is in pressure to release Netaji Files. Before coming to power in Center BJP raised their voice in support of Declassification but now they are silent.

Mamata once again proves who the real Netaji lover is.
 In their 34yrs of rule CPM lead Left Front including Forward Block didn't release a single Netaji File. But TMC (Trinamool Congress) always work for people of Bengal & India without showcasing it or without doing dramabaji.

Remember it’s communist habit to attack opponent personally and using slang or mock them when they are failed to restrain him or her. These Indian communist started these activities way back in 1940 to 1944 when they called Netaji Subhash Bose as a Dog of Tojo (Then Japanese PM).

People's War, the mouthpiece of the Undivided Communist Party of India (CPI) had published a cartoon on July 19, 1942 during the World War, showing Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose as a donkey carrying on its back Tojo, the Prime Minister of Japan during the war years.

Left party was having many MPs in Indian Parliament in last 68yrs, yet they hardly raised their voice for Netaji who gave us freedom. That's the reason I was angry when baseless CPM leader Ritabrata Banerjee was shared the stage of Declassification Rally in Delhi.  

Some people only blame Congress but along with Congress the Leftists are equally responsible for isolating Netaji from history. In my opinion along with Nehru-Gandhi dynasty Indian Communists had a role to satirize Subhash Bose’s sacrifices for Indian independence.

Remember British did not leave India due to Freedom Beggars’ like Gandhi-Nehru & Co but they Left India due to struggle of Freedom Fighters like Netaji Bose & INA, Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekar Ajad, Rashbehari Bose and others.

Then British PM Lord Cleement Attlee openly admitted it.

Now the declassification of all Netaji files is people’s demand. It’s right of every Indian to know the real history. Thanks to patriotic people of India and specially to Anuj Dhar, Chandra Kumar Bose, Abhijit Roy, Chandrachur Ghosh & others for their continues efforts

Remember from very beginning I was also associated with Declassification movements, but I always tells truths only. I can’t do oiling and can’t support Anti-Indian communists. That's the reason I never came to limelight in spite of being in #NetajiFilesDeclassification movement from beginning I was not even informed about Delhi march whereas Leftists who called Netaji as a dog of Tojo shared the stage.

But I did my job silently only due to my love, dedication and respect to Netaji & today I am very happy for this small achievement of Declassification Movement. I’m telling it small as our main aim is to Declassification of all secret Netaji Files by PMO & other central government offices.

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Please see other posts in this blog page by clicking "Home" or from "Popular Posts" / "Archives" sections, and if any remarks please post. Thanks & Vande Mataram!! Saroop Chattopadhyay

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  1. Really a historic decision by Mamata Banerjee.
    As a Netaji lover from abroad I am delighted to know about it.
    Also thanks to Mr. Chattopadhyay for this wonderful post, I have gone through all posts of this Blog about Netaji Files Declassification movement and appreciate Mr. Chattopadhyay's efforts also sad to know that some min-minded leftist people are side-lining real Netaji Lover like him.