Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tripura – TMC surges ahead… Trinamool Congress now emerge as the official main opposition party in Tripura as 6 out of total 9 Congress MLAs led by the Ex-CLP leader Mr Sudip Roy Barman have officially joined Trinamool today at Agartala.

It was always on the cards, Ma Mati Manush would slowly & steadily tread towards National politics . 

Pan India presence was always a dream which Didi cherished. She was vocal about it and all the TMC supporters believed that the Day would come. Yes the day has come… 

Today the 7th of June 2016,  six Congress MLA joined Trinamool Congress under the leadership of SudipRoy Burman. 

It’s a historic day for Trinamool Congress in WB, Tripura & India. 

Not those earlier Congressmen have stressed their faith on Didi & have joined j hands with TMC but this shift of alliance would ensure that Trinamool Congress becomes the main opposition party of Tripura. 

Don’t forget the fact that elections are round the corner and TMC is breathing hard on Mr.Manik Sarkar. Here the Left did not go in for that “nichutolar dake Jot” / “manusher Jot”, “ganatontro bachabar jot” etc. 

But now the equation has changed drastically. There is a technical issue though which will resolved once another two members of Congress comes in to join. That process is in the able hands of Mr.Mukul Roy on whom Didi has entrusted the responsibility.

Important thing is this will bring about a change in National Politics; it will be the first foot print in National Politics of TMC & a loud shout in the Left Bastion. Didi has done it in 2011 & she will do it again in Tripura. After which it will be only Developments and good Governance .

(Plz read this article in context..
As Mr. Derek O’Brien said “No Third front, second front. If at all this is a first front..” In fact Federal Front may lead India after 2019 Loksabha election and we may see Mamata Banerjee as PM.
http://mamatimanushofwb.blogspot.in/2016/05/as-mr-derek-obrien-said-no-third-front.html )

Trinamool Congress vice-president Mukul Roy came here on Tuesday, his second visit to the Left-ruled state in five days.

As the first program after joining the Trinamool Congress, a large Rally was held today afternoon at 3 pm in front of Indira Bhawan near Ujjayanta Market to participate in that rally.

Besides Roy Barman, the other Congress MLAs who signed the letter include Ashish Saha, Biswabandhu Sen, Diba Chandra Hrangkhawl, Pranjit Singha Roy and Dilip Sarkar. Pranjit Singha Roy, who is out of Tripura, and the ailing Dilip Sarkar were not present when Roy Barman handed over the letter to the speaker.

Sudip Roy Barman recently resigned from the post of Congress legislator party leader protesting against the Congress-Left electoral alliance in West Bengal. Barman was the opposition leader in the Tripura assembly.

The Congress rebels say they have resigned over the party's decision to partner with the Left in the West Bengal elections, that saw Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress defeat the alliance comprehensively.

Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar of Left party CPM, meanwhile, has ringside seats to the drama. Mr Sarkar has been Tripura's chief minister since 1998.

"Our objective in joining the Trinamool is to defeat this corrupt, anti-people government of the Left," said Mr Barman, who was the Congress' chief ministerial candidate in the last elections.

The Congress now has only three legislators in the 60-member house. Elections will next be held in Tripura in 2018.

(This article is jointly written by Jayanta Sengupta & Saroop Chattopadhyay, with local inputs & photos by Pritam Biswas of Agartala)

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