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Editing on 12/8/11: Plz also read current post in this issue after reading it named : "Skeleton Case: District court ordered police custody for CPIM’s leader & former minister “Sushanta Ghosh”..."

After Arms Now Skeletons are Recovered from CPIM‘s hideouts. Seven skeletons and many pieces of bones were found buried near the house of CPIM ‘S Ex-Minister Sushanta Ghosh's in West Midnapore District of West Bengal.

Seven human skeletons and bones were recovered from backyard of CPI(M) MLA & Ex-Minister  Susanta Ghosh's ancestral home Benachabra village under Garbeta police station in West Bengal's troubled West Midnapore district on Saturday The 4th June’11.

Those skeletons and pieces of bones were found buried at the backyard of house of heavyweight Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) leader Sushanta Ghosh.
'We have sent the skeletons to Midnapore Medical College. Regarding the issue of conducting DNA tests, we will let you know within a day or two,' Inspector General of Police (Western Range) Zulfiqar Hasaan said.

The villagers of Palasia and Anandapur areas claimed the skeletons were of their relatives, who were Trinamool Congress supporters and went missing in September 2002. Around 10 supporters had gathered in Palasia village for a meeting when they had been killed by a group of armed CPM men.
Trinamool leader Sudip Bandopadhyaya said, "We made this allegation that CPI(M) has huge arms that have been in the district for election in Midnapore, Bankura and Purulia. They captured the election booths during elections with muscle and money power and total police administration was used by them to win elections."
Syamal Acharya of Palasia village was among the first to notice a piece of cloth. Acharya claimed he saw the shirt that his father Ajay had been wearing when he went missing on September 22, 2002. Syamal believes his father's body is among the recovered skeletons. Like Acharya, several other villagers tried to identify the skeletons. "On September 22, 2002, 10 Trinamool activists were at Ananda Mukherjee's house at Palasia village for an organizational meeting. Like in Chhota Angaria, a strong group of armed CPM cadres attacked the house. They opened fire and killed most of the Trinamool activists gathered at Mukherjee's house," said Syamal.

Kin of four other missing villagers - Salauddin Seikh, Bham, Belur and Raju Singh - claimed that their relatives' skeletons were among the remains. Police, however, seized all the skeletons for DNA test.

Prasanta Ghosh, brother of  Ex-Minister Sushanta, fled the village fearing mob fury. On 3rd June’11 arms and ammunition had been recovered from a deserted PHE pump house close to CPM leader Tapan Ghosh's residence.
Two more skeletons were recovered from Badarboni forest near Jhargram following an interrogation of suspected Maoist squad member Sanjib Pathar. Bodies were identified as those of CPM supporters Toton Parihari and Sukumar Parihari. Both were CPM supporters and Maoists allegedly killed them. The arms recovery continued in the district. Nearly 20 muskets and single barrel rifles were recovered from Keshpur and Manidaha on 4th June & even till now the arms recovery continued in Bengal.
The CID has taken over the investigation in the case related to recovery of the remains of seven human skeletons from Garbeta after a villager identified a skeleton to be of his father, a Trinamool supporter.
The complaint lodged by the villager, Shymal Acharya, with Anandapur police station on 7th June’11 included 40 persons as accused including Susanta Ghosh, CPM MLA from Garbeta and a former minister, and district leader Tarun Roy.
On the basis of the complaint lodged by Shaymal, the Anandapur police station registered an FIR on 8th June’11 and started the investigation.
Apart from Shyamal, two "independent eyewitnesses" of the September 2002 incident — Arup Ghosh and Ram Sanu — also narrated the incident, which they "are sure" led to the recovery of the skeletal remains. Arup and Ram claim they were simply lucky to have survived that ghastly night with bullet wounds on their hands but seven others — Ajoy, Dham, Dilu, Aala, Raju, Swapan and Riya — were shot dead. The duo says that the bodies were dumped on a bullock-cart and taken towards Amonpur, not far from where the skeletons were dug up on July 4.
Here under I am giving 14 Links from all section of media to prove this fact…

Please also note that Since last three weeks lots of arms has been recovered from various parts of West Bengal mainly from CPIM’s party offices, leader/worker’s residence.. or back side of those..

Till now more than 10 lorry arms has been recovered from CPIM's hideouts including looted arms of Shilda..
Those who wants proves they are requested to see this report in this blog by clicking following link… Here all details are there with more than 15 supporting links and 12 pictures..

So these are proves of CPIM’s true character…. They used same formula like Nazi’s to establish there rule by force and by massacre plus atrocities…

These arms & skeletons are the main secrete of prolonged communist rule in Bengal

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