Wednesday, June 1, 2011

“Ma Mati Manush” is now India’s No.1 Common Man’s Blog page.. In spite of lots of Harmad & Tormuj activities against it..

Edited on 5th Dec'11: Special thanks to Derek O' Brien Sir & Sashi Tharoor ji:

Dear friends with the support & blessing of all of you this Blog page has crossed 30,000 viewership marks in just little over four moths, that too without any advertisements!!

Also let me share that apart from celebrity person’s blog or any company/institution’s Blog this “Ma Mati Manush” is now India’s no.1 common man’s Blog page.

I have checked lots of communist leader’s & there sympathizer’s Blogs but all those are around 6000 or below this mark, in spite of being much older blog.

Some important facts:
In last month on 13th May'11 record 943 persons visited this site. And in Apr'11 total 9501 persons saw this Blog!! And in May’11 total 7400 persons visited it.
In fact when I started this blog I never even dreamed about this short of responses.
Till 5th Dec'11  ALL TOTAL 30400 persons visited this blog site.
Apart from India lots of international visitors has seen it.

মা মাটি মানুষের আশির্বাদে আমার এই ব্লগ 30,000 দর্শক পার করলো.. 5/12/11 তারিখ অবধি  মোট 30400 জন দর্শক এটা দেখেছেন.. সবাইকে ধন্যবাদ!!
যদিও এখানে আমি সিপিএম এর আসল চরিত্র উন্মোচন করছি আর এই ব্লগ জনপ্রিয় হয়ে উঠছে তাই অনেক হার্মাদ ও কিছু তরমুজ আমার পেছনে পরেগেছেন.. 
তারা আমাকে নানান ভাবে Threat করছেনগালাগালি করছেন, হেয় করার চেষ্টা করছেন.. কিন্তু তারা যতই করুন আমাকে সত্যি কথা বলা থেকে আর আমার শ্রদ্ধেয় দিদির হয়ে বলার থেকে নিবারণ করতে পারবেন না !!

তারা আমাকে মেরে ফেলতে পারেন.. কিন্তু আমি থামবো না!!
Means lots of Harmads (Communist goons) and lots of Watermelons (Outside they are showing that they are Green means TMC/Cong but from inside they are Red means CPM) have done lots of nasty activities against me including threatening, personal attacks, humiliating etc..

But I continue with my war against corrupted, atrocity master, killer and anti Indian Communists (CPIM). They even threatened me that they will kill me.. They can do that even now also..

Now with the victory of Trinamool now I am very much satisfied that this small effort by me is not wastage..

I am also thankful to Derek Sir (Derek O'Brien ) for his inspiration and guidance by tweeter.. Also let me remind all viewers that he is one of the main pillar of this remarkable success of Trinamool congress!!

It shows his greatness and politeness along with his effectiveness by which “TMC” emerged as a winner. Thank you once again Derek Sir!!

Also thanks to another important MP of our country Mr. Sashi Tharoor ji for his support to this blog by twitting this blog's link through twitter.. Thank you very much Sashi ji!!

Now let me convey my thanks to some well wishers of mine and special thanks to Mr. Chandrajit Bhattacharya
Dear visitors please see other posts of this Blog page so please click home or scroll down.. Also you may see the popular posts and blog archive.. Please also see the photos in this Blog page  as picture can tell you lots of things.. You may search also any topic or word in this blog.. You may send your suggestions to me for more improvement.. Post it here as remarks or send me by mail at .

Thanks & Vande Mataram....

Saroop Chattopadhyay. (Ma Mati Manusher loraier ek sadharon soinik)

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