Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Silda (Shilda) arms looted by Maoist now found at 'CPM camp' (along with huge quantity arms) cemented this thought that "Maoists & CPIM are well linked" "CPM SHOULD BE BANNED"

A huge cache of arms and ammunition, including an Insas rifle looted by Maoists from the Eastern Frontier Rifles camp in Silda, was dug out by villagers from near a CPM office at Enayetpur in West Midnapore on Sunday 22nd May’11, which proved that Maoist & CPIM are two side of same coin, as I was telling since long that “Real Mao is CPM”.
DGP Naparajit Mukherjee has ordered a probe to find out if there was a link between CPM and Maoists. CPM leaders refused to comment on the issue.

The cache of arms and ammunition was recovered near a CPI-M party office at Enayatpur ~ five kilometres from the district headquarters ~ during a raid conducted by some villagers on an alleged armed camp of the CPI-M set up to fight the Maoists but in reality they are helping Maoists..

The firearms recovered include one Insas rifle, one AK-56 rifle, 13 other rifles, 24 pistols, one hand-cannon, 480 bombs and 145 cartridges.

 In another raid, 58 sets of camouflage uniforms were found at a CPM office at Patashpur, East Midnapore. The arms, ammunition and the uniforms were later seized by police
The number of weapons recovered after the polls has now touched 1006, said DIG (Midnapore Range) Vineet Goyal. He said 146 persons had been arrested so far in connection with the arms haul and 122 of them belong to CPIM.

Now the recovery of arms and uniforms of Joint Forces is proved Maoist Connection with CPIM is there.. As it is proved that the Silda incident was done by Maoist.

Note: The Silda camp attack occurred on February 15, 2010, when dozens of Naxalite Maoist insurgents ambushed Indian security forces in Silda (some 30 km from Midnapore) in West Bengal, India. The resulting death of 24 paramilitary personnel of the Eastern Frontier Rifles and there arms was looted..
 Now if you see my old posts in this blog I have written several times that “Real Mao Is CPIM”.. http://mamatimanushofwb.blogspot.com/2011/01/real-mao-is-cpim.html
I have previously questioned how Maoist were grown up in Bengal’s that part where CPIM is very strong?? How Maoist & CPIM’s Harmads are getting same kind of arms from China?? I also questioned the relation between Nepali Maoist & CPIM.. Please note the main mentor of Nepali Maoist is CPM leader Com. Sitaram Yechuri.. Also it is well known that Indian Maoist & Nepali Maoist are having deep connection.. Above all they both are communist and history proves that communists are the master of doing massacre, atrocities, false propaganda etc nasty things.See these pictures..

See in picture Maoist are appealing to all police for stopping there raids against CPM.
See in picture CPIM's flag in Nepali Maoists meeting along with Indian maoists and Nepali maoists flag.

The present CM of Bengal Ms. Mamata Banerjee made this statement 2yrs back:  "The CPI(M) is bringing Maoists from Nepal and supplying arms to them. The CPI(M) and the Maoists are twin brothers. They were resorting to killings to terrorize people. Both of them are killers and have no place in the land of West Bengal". Link: http://www.ilovekolkata.in/index.php/News/CPIM-importing-Maoists-from-Nepal-Mamata.html

Now after the defeat of CPIM & Lefts in Bengal huge amount of arms are recovered from CPIM’s party offices, Leaders & workers houses etc places..

After the assembly elections debacle, many cadres have shifted from the CPI(M) and the party offices are now being found to be the den of huge cache of arms. In Jangalmahal there is one arms manufacturing factory that has been unearthed.
In Salbani, Kankabati, Bhursha, Khargapur, Garbeta, Bankura etc CPM party offices have been raided and the seizure of arms from the CPI(M) hideouts by villagers and police continued the search.
Links:  http://www.telegraphindia.com/1110519/jsp/bengal/story_14001510.jsp
In fact both Trinamool Congress and State Congress was complaining about this issue since long..

Trinamool Congress leader Mr. Partha Chatterjee had submitted a detailed list of 93 armed camps of the CPI (M) in various parts of the state to the DGP in Sep’10.. PCCI chief Dr. Manas Bhuinya also very vocal about these illegal activities by CPM since long.

Now these seized are proving that there allegation was 100% correct, but then CM & administration rejected there allegation and told there is no illegal arms in state.. Now it is proved that Buddhadeb is a liar.

Although it is very sad that large section of National media was treated lefts parties as God and due to lefts false allegation they blamed Trinamool for Mao activities in Bengal.. It is a lesson for those national media also..
Dear famous big Delhi based national journalist please see in your own eyes “What is the true character of CPIM” regarding which I am telling since long.. Also pay littile respect to Indian peoples as they also realised what is the reallity and rejected these Anti-Indian lefts.

These communist had insulted “Netaji”, after independence they said “Yeh Ajadi Jutha Hay”, they suported China during war with India, moreover they never sing “Vande Mataram” or “Janaganamana”, they never host our national flag in any of there party forum. Still some Delhi journalists are campaigned for these antinational lefts.. It’s a shame!!

See now CPIM’s Harmads is not getting support from state administration (after this power shift) & there arms has recovered automatically Maoist activities in Bengal is stopped.

Bengal is now peaceful state.. and it will be more peaceful after few days when all Harmads will be behind bar with there leaders and there supporter administrators will be kept away from important positions. Didi already started these exercises. Yesterday only five “comrade” “OC” are shifted and two more Sr. police officer axed by new Govt in W.B. So other comrade police officer & administrators please rectify yourself.

Now after so much arms recovery and so much proves of CPIM is involved in Massacre, Atrocities, Torturing, Maoist Activities.. etc some section of civil society and intellectuals are raising questions “WHY CPIM SHOULD NOT BE BANNED???” Please see this article by Rtd. Judge. Sri. Bhagwati Prasad Banerjee.

One interesting abusing comment from a comrade who cant digest the truth…
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