Thursday, May 19, 2011


Huge amount of illegal arms seized from CPIM party offices and there party leaders & workers places in West Bengal after loosing election.

After the assembly elections debacle, many cadres have shifted from the CPI(M) and the party offices are now being found to be the den of huge cache of arms. In Jangalmahal there is one arms manufacturing factory that has been unearthed.

In Salbani, Kankabati, Bhursha, Khargapur, Garbeta, Bankura etc CPM party offices have been raided and the seizure of arms from the CPI(M) hideouts by villagers and police continued the search. 

This exposed the mask of the so-called Left parties who speak of democracy and peaceful atmosphere in the state. They raise allegations against the Maoist–sponsored terror, but themselves found involved in sponsoring violence in West Midnapore, Bankura and Hooghly districts. In West Midnapore, Basantpur village is now the headline of the newspaper for the post-poll violence.

Pipeguns, cartridges, are recovered from the CPI(M) hideouts in these places. Illegal arms unit has been unearthed at different places of the state.
The answer is simple that the ruling party was CPI(M) and their cadres were given this advantage to terrorize the people. Today when the Left Parties are out of power, the police got a moral booster to seize the arms from the cadres and common people who have been terrorized for so long, have gathered courage to come out to assert their strength. Search for the arms led police to skeletons under mound of earth here and there.

Arms stockpiled by the left at Salboni or Kotwali are just the tips of the iceberg. There are still more hidden arms and ammunition piled for the Harmads to use against the common people who voice protests against CPIM.
CPIM even made an Arms Factory in that area.. Also they killed many peoples and now skeletons have been recovered.

This is the infamous communist tactics to stay on power.. They made Wet Bengal as a Arms Store.. The amount of arms was seized in last 6 days is actually more than 10 truck load of arms..

Specially from West Midnapore district the amount of illegal arms is maximum as in this district SP Mr. Manoj Verma is a known  sympathizer of CPIM and one DSP Mr.Anish Sarkar is much more active in promoting CPM than doing his duty.. This Mr.Sarkar was a SFI leader during his college life.. Now they should be answerable to peoples..
In fact both Trinamool Congress and State Congress was complaining about this issue since long..
Trinamool Congress leader Mr. Partha Chatterjee had submitted a detailed list of 93 armed camps of the CPI (M) in various parts of the state to the DGP in Sep’10..

PCCI chief Dr. Manas Bhuinya also very vocal about these illegal activities by CPM since long.

Now these seized are proving that there alligation was 100% correct, but then CM & administration rejected there alligation and told there is no illegal arms in state.. Now it is proved that Buddhadeb is a liar.

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