Saturday, May 14, 2011

A tsunami called Mamata has swept away communists & my prediction proved correct in assembly poll result of West Bengal!!

Mamata tsunami drowns Harmad lefts in West Bengal so Trinamool Congress is coming to power and our beloved Didi Mamata Banerjee will be next Chief Minister of West Bengal.. She will be the first women CM of Bengal on 20th May, 2011.
Out of 294 seats in Bengal assembly Trinamool lead alliance won 227 seat where as Left Front managed to grab only 62 seats and just 5 seat goes to others bag!! Left fronts all stall wards including Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee himself along with 27 of his ministers were in the loosing side.. Bengal’s peoples taught them a lesion!!

Now this result proves my prediction which I did on 18th April’11 was 100% correct.. I think it’s a great success of "Ma Mati Manush” blog!!
In last four months since I started this blog with the goal of exposing the true character of killer communist of India specially of CPIM.. I think my mission is on a correct path and I smell the success long ago when some Harmads of CPM started abusing and threatening me as I am exposing them.

Today Bengal is celebrating its second freedom & we are in a very happy mood..

But at the same time I remember all of those who lost there life in the hand of Harmads (CPM’s goons).. I also remember those whose houses were burnt.. Those great women whom these Harmads raped.. I remember those who are still missing after CPM’s attack in there village/town/city.. I remember all those farmer’s tears after there farm was burnt by these Harmads.. list is long..

But please allow me to salute all those victims and drop few drops of tears..
These are pictures of some victims and incidents after CPIM's brutalities.. 
Please remember them along with celebrating victory of Bengal's "Ma Mati Manush"...
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  1. soptome somapti!Maa-Mati-Manus jindabad,
    Didi tumi korle ki.
    CPM ebar khabe ki???
    Bagnan theke bali,CPM puro khali...

    saurav das(President,Shibpur Block TMCP,howrah).

  2. very beautiful and inspiring keep it up..............

  3. joydip chaudhuriMay 16, 2011 at 6:33 PM

    good effort carry on

  4. Sapno purone jonota..
    Mukhamonti holen mamata!!!...