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Finally CPIM's leader & former minister "Sushanta Ghosh" was sent to jail in "Skeleton Case".. Lots of new evidences (Wirless set, annimations, cash etc) are found... Why not CPIM will be banned??

 After spending nine nights in CID lock-up at Bhabani Bhavan, Communist Party of India (Marxist) strongman  present MLA and former minister Sushanta Ghosh was remanded in judicial custody for 10 days on Saturday 20th August’11. Initially, he was taken to Midnapore central jail from Midnapore court, but then he was shifted to Alipore Central Jail later for security reasons.

On 11th August’11, District court ordered police custody for CPIM’s leader & former minister “Sushanta Ghosh” in to CID’s custody.

This “Skeleton Ghosh” spent almost 9 days in police custody and was constantly grilled by the CID investigating teams for his alleged link with the recovery of seven human skeletons near his house and for other charges.

In support of their plead, CID officials produced a Central Forensic Science Laboratory report that shows that at least two of the skeletal remains found from Sushanta Ghosh’s ancestral home are of Trinamool supporters who were murdered on 22 September 2002.

Although the former minister denied his presence in Chandrakona on that day as he told CID that he was at Kolkata.
But CID found former minister Sushanta Ghosh was in Chadrakona and not in Kolkata on September 22, 2002, the night seven Trinamool Congress supporters were murdered in Keshpur's Piyasal village, CID officers said on Tuesday. "We have evidence that he was not in Kolkata, what he had earlier claimed. Official documents prove that he was at Chandrakona," said K Jayaraman, DIG CID (operations). According to CID sources, police maintain a logbook on the movement of ministers.

After ammunition and illegal wireless sets which was recovered last week from several hide outs of this Killer leader of CPIM, now a huge amount of cash has been recovered from former minister and CPM's Garbeta MLA Sushanta Ghosh's residence.

As Sushanta is a member of the state assembly, CID has planned to slap charges under the Prevention of Corruption Act against him following recovery of the "unaccounted cash".
CID officer Mr.Meena said, "We have seized cash, three cell phones and seven engagement diaries of the former minister from his flat." The case will be initiated at Alipore police station.

Previously CID registered separate cases against Sushanta Ghosh & his brother Prashanta Ghosh’s name after recovery of ammunition and illegal wireless sets from there houses at Garbeta, Chandrakona & Benachapra of West Midnapore district of Paschimbanga.

The other three persons who were remanded in CID custody in this case are CPIM leaders Madan Santra, Kalidas Choudhury and Biman Ghosh.

The CPI (M) leaders would be interrogated along with “Sushanta Ghosh” by the CID to elicit more information in the case.

Now as CPIM is a regimented party and with out order from top no minister can act at his own, so the question is what was the role of then Police Minister Com. Buddhadeb Bhattacharya & then Chief Minister Lt. Com. Jyoti Basu in this mass killing???? 
That too when Sushanta said he only follows the instructions of his party. 

Not only this case now lots of “SKELETON” “ARMS & AMMUNITIONS” are recovered from West Midnapore district of Bengal, you can easily imagine what was the situation in Bengal during communists rule.. Also please imagine the level of atrocities done by Communists which may also more devastating than Nazi’s…

So again I am raising this question that why CPIM party not will be banned for this killing politics as in Indian democracy there is no place of these arms atrocities.

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