Wednesday, August 17, 2011

SALUTE TO GREAT ANNA HAZARE.. We all should join in the movement of "INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION".. It is unfortunate that except Trinamool (TMC) all other parties in UPA-2 are involved in scams.

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This blog page support the "Anti corruption movement" and also condemned the way Central Government is handling the "Anna" issue.
I am not going into debate of whether his way of movement is right or wrong but its true that a strong bill against corruption is needed which cover all (From PM to Councilors And From CJI to lower court judges).

Now it is needless to say that “Anna Hazare” is fighting for "Jana lokepal Bill". In true sense Anna is fighting for removing corruption from all sector (Political, beaurocrat, law, etc).. Sir we are with you and hope all true Indian will with Anna!!
So I am condemning the way our Central Govt is handling the issue. It’s sad that "Gandhiji's" congress is not allowing "Gandhian Protest" and sent "Anna" to Tihar jail. 
 I believe a stronger bill against corruption which will cover all politicians (from PM to Councilors) and all judiciary (from C.J.I. to lower court's judges) is needed. .
It is also surprising that except "Trinamool Congress" all others parties in UPA-2 are involved in scams..
Also all political parties should learn from "Ms.Mamata Banerjee" how to keep a party clean & how to keep distance from all scams.
Vande Mataram. Bharat Mata Ki Jai.
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Therefore I feel proud to be associated with "Trinamool Congress" which is only party in this UPA-2 who is not involved with any corrupt practice and scam.
Thanks & Vande Mataram!! Swarup.

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