Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Once Upon A Time -3 is an English poem by Saroop Chattopadhyay after Once Upon A Time 1 & 2.. It’s a sequel related to my life and it will be continued in spite of some pressure for not to published all.. But before my death I want to express myself.

                          Once upon a time when – 3

Once upon a time when
              I found a red gem
I thought it is pure Ruby
              And happily placed it into my heart.

But, alas! Soon my dream brooked
              When I realized that
It’s only an ordinary red stone
              Then my happiness became into burden.

Once upon a time when
              That red stone hurts me
Some blood came out from my face
              Then every thing became reddish.

 Suddenly I became puzzled
              What the reddish signal means,
Is it signaling to stop the life’s run?
              Or it is the colour of morning Sun!

To be continued….
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