Monday, March 7, 2011

Poor’s party CPIM built Party Office with Crores at Burdwan (W.B)

Poor’s party CPIM built Party Office with Crores at Burdwan (W.B)

A spectacular party office named as “Sahedullah Bijay Bhaban” was built by CPIM’s Burdwan district committee in Burdwan with crores of rupees. It is built with marbel stones, all steps are made by black granite, spectacular interior decoration and rooms are fitted with ac machines, and its having 5strar conference room also.

As per district leader (jela sampadak) Amal Haldar claims that party members given two times donations and levy by which 70 lacks fund was acquired then 30 lacks came from box collection (??)

Can you remember some time back there was lots of debate was taken place when Kale Singh, a renowned coal mafia gave 1Lc chq to CM at Khandakosh in Burdwan district!! Now see the result of coal mafia’s and local contractors donations.. a party which claims they are poor mans party built party office in a district town of West Bengal with crores of money!!

Mrs. Mumtaz Sanghamita (Choudhuri) daughter of Ex-Speaker Mansur Habibullah claimed that this office built in there place forcefully and CPIM looted there entire house also including costly interiors, paintings etc.. this matter was even goes to court.

This is the another character of CPIM.. there party office with crores and there leader including CM are getting ownership of governments flats.. IT raids are going on at CPIM's former MP's house.. Still comrades are claiming that it is poors party!!

Shame on you CPIM!!

Curtsy Bartaman (Bengali daily from Kolkata) dated 7th March’11.

Burdwan CPIM's Office.

Howrah CPIM's Office.

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Now see the picture of West bengal's CM taking donation from Mafia Kale Singh!! Shame!!
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