Friday, November 30, 2012

An Aam Aadmi's (Common Man's) reply to Justice Markandey katju's letter to West Bengal's Chief Minister Miss. Mamta Banerjee..

Press Council of India Chairman Justice Markandey Katju on Thursday (29th Nov’12) slammed Miss. Mamata Banerjee for being “increasingly intolerant and whimsical” and asked her to mend her ways but the West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee very rightly hit back by saying her government would not function at anyone’s diktat.
Now here is the reply of Mr. Katju’s letter by Mr. Arka Saha (An “Aam Admi” from Bengal):
Respected sir,

First of all ,I am really appreciate your concern about our state of West Bengal. It is also great pleasure that you are taken the issues of west Bengal more serious than the arrest of 2 reporters after exposing the scam of big steel baron cum politician in North India.

If I am not wrong you praise our CM on the 22/05/2012 when you visit in Kolkata. Now you raise 4 issue 1) Transfer of Damayanti Sen 2) arrest of Sri Siladitya 3) arrest of Prof Mahapatra 4) CNN IBN show.
Just remind you Prof Mahapatra arrested 13th  April Damayanti Sen transfer on 4th  April and CNN IBN incident happen on 20th May 2012. Please see the dates all issues are happen before 22/05/2012.

Now my questions if you are really concern about these issues why you have praise Ms Mamata Banerjee on 25/05/2012?
Why after six months suddenly you realize those issues are very important?

You mention Mamta Banerjee in Intolerant and whimsical but we feel her main “problem” that she does not represent to INDIA Inc. or Corporate India like other goody goody media’s blue eyed Politicians.

That’s the main problem. She is from a lower middle class family and she represents the “Bharat “not India Inc. like other major politician in India.

Except Shiladitya issue we do not think police had taken any wrong step or either Mamata Banerjee had done anything wrong. There also that person breached security so arrest can be justified.
As person born and brought up in rural Bengal, I am assuring you Bengal is going in perfectly right direction. After a long battle peoples brought this government into power. We know FDI wala, Corporate Media and few “Mirjafars” (betrayers) does not want this” people’s government “to function.

But Sir, this in Bengal, land of Subhas Chanadra Bose and Vivekanada and I am assuring we,the poor people of west Bengal not let down so easily in front of Corporate media and FDI Walas.

We are proud Mamata Banerjee is our CM. When 99% politicians are Corrupted and looting our motherland and Mamata is fighting for common man. Remember TMC is the only party who is sacrificed for protesting against these anti-people step by Congress.. (For details please see : ) ...
We know one section of media, corporate, intellectuals & politicians who are corrupt and whose interest is  hurt is behind our beloved Didi Mamata Banerjee’s “Ma mati Manush” ‘s government but as Didi very correctly said that her government would not function at anyone’s diktat.. It will continue fulfilling its commitment towards Bengal’s Common Man..
Arka Saha.
Note: This reply is written by My “facebook” friend Mr. Arka Saha ( , only little editing & publishing is done by me..

Lastly here I just want to ask Mr.Katju what is your contribution as President of Press Council of India??

Edited on 12/04/13
Great Justice Katju (@katjuPCI) has blocked me (@KOLLEO) on twitter, as he may be searching reply of this letter.. BUT IS THIS ACT OF HIM IS JUSTICE TO PCI??
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