Saturday, April 16, 2016

Lord Krishna in Mahabharata war.. Lord Krishna on Establishment of Righteousness and Duty (Lord Krishna in Kaurav Sabha)

(Note: This article is a joint effort with my Guruji Sri Bhaskar Sen)

Lord Krishna in the Kaurav Sabha when He went to appease Kauravas to refrain from the great war to follow and to give the Pandavas five villages only to live with honor and dignity. 

But the arrogance and pride of Duryodhan gave beggar description..
He refused to give anything..

So blinded by prejudice illusion and ego that he wanted to capture The Lord who came to them as an Ambassador of Peace. 
The Lord assumed a menacing Form frightful and fiery..
The sight of which struck terror and the soldiers ran helter skelter.. 

Bhisma Dronacharya Karna all were stupefied struck by the blazing power of the Huge Form which was no less than the devouring one when He assumed Nrisingha avatar.
Bhisma Who was His staunch devotee sang hymns and praises. 

Lord Krishna finally withdrew.. 

Kauravas knew in their hearts of hearts that doomsday was near at hand.
The Mahabharata war became imminent. 

Krishna in a moment of trice could have devoured destroyed annihilated The Kauravas but left it on Nara Narayan Arjuna and Pandavas to fulfill their duties in fighting the Holy war and get back what was rightfully theirs..'

During the menacing form of the Lord even Devas Lord Shiva prayed to Krishna to appease and come back to His Form..
Thus was the beginning of the fall of the most powerful Kauravas whom none could challenge whom none could defeat in war..
Even the Devas with all their might.. 

Lord Krishna began to fulfill His yet another great mission to establish Righteousness on earth by eradicating evil for good.

Pandava natha Govinda Govinda Hari Govinda gokulanandana Govinda Govinda Hari Govinda Karunasagara Govinda gokulanandana Govinda Bhaktavatsalya Govinda Govinda Hari Govinda.. 

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