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Here is the full details of 21 se July একুশে জুলাই. Looking back at July 21, 1993; what happened and certain untold truth about 21st July revolution in Bengal by Mamata Banerjee.

Every year on 21st July Martyr's Day Rally (21se July Sahid Dibas) a mass rally being organized by the All India Trinamool Congress in remembrance of 13 people shot dead by West Bengal Police in Kolkata (with the instruction by the CPIM lead government) during a rally by the West Bengal Youth Congress under Mamata Banerjee on 21 July 1993 while demanding Voter's Identity Card to be made sole required document for voting.

Background & what happened in 21st July 1993:
The 14-year-old communist government won a massive mandate in 1991, but after Mamata Bandopadhyay became the president of youth wing of the opposition INC a new wave of protests began against what many believed Scientific Rigging employed by the ruling party.
On October 1992, Mamata Banerjee, now Chief Minister held a massive rally at the Brigade Parade Ground to symbolically toll the bell for ousting of the Communist Government. To many this rejuvenated the opposition to Ruling Communists after a long gap.

On December 1992, Banerjee took a physically challenged Girl Felani Basak, who was allegedly raped by CPI(M) cadres to the Writers' Building to the then Chief Minister Jyoti Basu but was harassed and allegedly molested by the police before being arrested and released from detention in midnight, this attracted universal outrage.

Finally the youth wing of the party led by Mamata Banerjee,  decided to march to Writers' Building to lodge appeals for Voter Photo-ID cards to be made necessary for free and fair polling....

It was July 21, 1993. The day of Writers' Abhijan organized by the Youth Congress. The demand was: voters' ID cards be made the only required document for voting, to put a stop to CPM's "scientific rigging".

Thousands of Youth Congress supporters had gathered at five different points of the city. 

The rally was a large yet peaceful one with attendance well over 100000. suddenly trouble broke out as cadres from CPI(M) mingled in the crowd and started to throw bricks at police then police began to Lathicharge attending people who reacted by throwing brickbats at the police. 
The Police started shooting from their .303 Rifles without any warning and shot in peoples' head and torso in trying to kill more protesters, 13 people died from the Bullet Wounds sustained. The Decision to open fire was also widely criticized particularly as most of those killed were shot in the back proving they have been murdered in cold blood.

By that time, state Youth Congress president Mamata Banerjee had reached the Tea Board crossing, accompanied by a few other leaders. She had climbed onto a traffic post in the middle of the road, in an effort to control the crowd. The angry policemen surrounded the traffic post and started a lathicharge. 
The Youth Congress leaders accompanying Mamata threw a protective ring around her. Some of them — including Saugata Roy — were badly beaten up, Mamata Banerjee was also had a serious injury. It seems plan was to kill Mamata Banerjee.

The testimony came during his deposition before the single- member judicial commission formed by the Mamata Banerjee- led Trinamool Congress government to investigate the incident, which took place on July 21, 1993. The commission seeks to determine on whose instruction the police opened fire.

Main culprit Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, then the West Bengal Information and Cultural Affairs minister in the Jyoti Basu led Cabinet, was also in charge of the city police at the time.
"At that time, in principle, I did not feel the need for a judicial inquiry and I still stick to my views,"Bhattacharjee said in his 50- minute deposition before the July 21 Commission headed by former Orissa High Court Chief Justice Sushanto Chattopadhyay.

The rally in question was organized by the then West Bengal Youth Congress president Mamata Banerjee demanding that photo voter identity cards be made mandatory to ensure fair elections.
When the demonstrators reached Mayo Road and Dorina Crossing at Esplanade, about one kilometer away from Writers' Buildings, they came under fire from the police.

Union Home Minister S. B. Chavan, who had rushed to Calcutta after the incident, advised the state Government to order a judicial probe into the incident. However, no probe was ordered by the Chief Minister, Jyoti Basu, who supported the police actions saying they had "done a good job" in preventing the alleged attempted siege of the Writers' Building.

In his deposition, Bhattacharjee said the protesters indulged in "large- scale violence" adding that as a result" around 70 policemen sustained injuries". However, this claim was questioned by Justice (Retired) Chattopadhyay, who pointed out that there was no record of any police personnel taking admission in hospitals to seek treatment for the injuries Bhattacharjee claimed were inflicted on them by the protesters.

The entire episode of 21st July incident gives us a clear view of certain untold truth:

1.     Mamata Banerjee from the early days did take on the CPM head on which the Congress Leaders at the center & state did not want. It was their vested interest among them are some leaders who are at the Top. They never supported Mamata Banerjee. She understood the truth that Congress has become the B Team of CPM.

2.     The cry for Voter ID Card raised by Mamata Banerjee later turned into a history making decision of Election process in India. 

3.     The then Left Govt stinked of arrogance when we read the reporting of Budhadeb Bhattacharya. No wonder he later was an epitome of Arrogance. Now all his arrogance has been smashed to the ground by the historic win of TMC and his one garland photo shoot with Rahul Gandhi. Hypocrisy does not have any color caste or creed.

4. Left shouts about Democracy – how hollow their shout is .. Just imagine when was the democracy when files where lost which depicted all info about 13 lives lost on 21st July. They should keep quiet and apologies to the family members of those bereaved .

5. Lastly Holy cow (?!?) Congress, how low one can stop? How can you forget 13 lives lost, how you can forget that rally it was done for your benefit and some criticized it later?  We all know who those culprits are – now they are on virtual retirement.
Written by Saroop Chattopadhyay with some inputs & help of Jayanta Sengupta. 

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