Monday, July 11, 2016

Let’s Pledge to End the Road Rage.. Rough Driving of Bikes killing many, so Mamata Banerjee herself became proactive to end these. So “No Helmet No Petrol” & “No Bike after 10pm on Flyover” introduced by Didi in Kolkata.

They have been burning the roads for long not any more. With the advent of latest models of Motorbikes with all its features all skewed to speed. 

This rage for speed had taken young lives, ruined many families, left many physically challenged and here Didi took up the cause to stop this menace. She rightly called to stop this growing menace. 

It was an unwritten law that you can roam about in a bike with three pillion riders without a helmet & if confronted by the Police one can easily call some local Dada to get him out. 

By instructing the Petrol Pump Dealers not to provide fuel to consumers without helmet is a welcome move though unless the dealers are a bit scared to disallow local people for security reasons.

Also Mamata Banerjee ordered to stop entry of bikes in flyovers after 10pm to reduce the road rage.

Here the issue comes in of Local Netas leaders providing a cover to these law breakers for their own gain. They (offenders) know some Dada will bail them out or they can confront the Police as nothing will happen to them. 

If we look at the offenders they are habitual offenders who are Man Friday to some Political Dadas. 

Didi does understand this and in her 2nd Term she has subtly making all efforts to stop this nexus because she knows 211 seats have come due to HER IMAGE not for any other individual. Now it is up to the Police to uplift this concern Didi has raised. In fact the start is good.

A suggestion if we could wear Helmets during the processions or any rally that will give a positive message.

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