Friday, July 15, 2016

Terrorism in the form of separatists’ movement in Kashmir must be condemned by all. Here is the History, Background, Actual Scenario of Kashmir problem which is much beyond the Burhan Wani.

Some people from India also (Mainly Communists & Sick-culars) thinks supporting Kashmiri-Separatists and condemning Indian Army is a sign & fashion of intellectualism so they are shouting on Facebook, Twitter etc social media and some of them are even doing protest march without knowing the History, Background, Actual Scenario of Kashmir problem which is much beyond the Burhan Wani type of separatist killing in an encounter.

Very few people will understand the Kashmir problem, neither in national level, nor in the international level.

History: Why Kashmir is an integral part of India >>

At the time of the Indian independence, Maharaja Hari Singh, the ruler of the state, preferred to become independent and remain neutral between the successor dominions of India or the Pakistan. However, an uprising in the western districts of the State followed by an attack by raiders from the neighbouring Northwest Frontier Province, supported by Pakistan, put an end to his plans for independence. 

On 26 October 1947, the Maharaja Hari Singh signed the Instrument of Accession joining the Dominion of India in return for military aid.[4] The western and northern districts presently known as Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan passed to the control of Pakistan.

Although agreement was done for entire Kashmir which means Azad Kashmir should also be a part of India.

Background: Why Separatists movement happening in Kashmir>>

For a long time Kashmiris have been brain washed in Arab brand of supremacist Islam.
The Kashmiri brand of Islam has developed into a highly orthodox supremacist brand (unlike in Bengal, which still have some remnant effect of the teachings of Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa, joto mot toto path).

People under the influence of that brand of Islam can be easily convinced about creating an Islamic state by all means.

That precipitated the attack by Kashmiri Muslims on Pundits and rise of militant Islam.

Remember, if most Muslims at that time protested against driving out the Pundits or against militant Islam, there would have been no need for the Army to interfere.

Present Scenario:  How and why Pakistan is disturbing Kashmir>>

With the recent rise in radical Hinduism, it became further easy to convince radical Muslims and orthodox Muslims in Kashmir to take part in creation of a Islamic state.

This trouble was long being fomented by Pakistan as a reply to India's role in liberation of Bangladesh.

They started before, but momentum picked up after 1971. This is more an ideological war.

With the advent of social media, now these militants with their faces and ideology revealed in FB and Twitter, have been able to capture the imagination of orthodox Muslim population.

The orthodox Muslim population of Kashmir, believing in so-called two nation theory that muslims can not live along with other communities being a majority (i.e., India) started day-dreaming about creating a separate Islamic state (although, these muslims apply for visa for Canada, or USA or European countries where they still be a minority, proving that the 2 nation theory is a hoax), bringing upon themselves the military crackdown.

The Indian Kashmir is far more developed that PoK, but it is not about development, but about supremacist religious state.

Pakistan did not want to loose its control of Afganistan. They were foiled by the master stroke of India with the help of Army and other help.

This also did not go well with Pakistan. More over Baluchistan also is a cancer for Pakistan. They always complain about India involvement there but surely this is only a here say. But Kashmir don’t want to be under Pakistan because they know they will be treated like prisoners which is true for many videos that went viral. The violence and anarchy are all masterminds of Terrorists outfits of Pak funded.

Conclusion: Pakistan Funded Terrorism & Islamists Terrorism Can’t Be Tolerated>> 

Remember, this Arab brand of supremacist Islam still considers India, France, Israel & Spain as unfinished business, do not want to recognize that their fore-fathers illegally occupied Palestine through brutal war (Palestine historically belongs to Israel and Muslims there are grand-grand-grand children of Muslim invaders; they have chosen not to live peacefully under the Israeli government, but want a separate Islamic State).

Today, if the Kashmiris complain about military atrocity, I will ask them where was their voice when Islamic militancy started growing and Pundits were killed and driven out of Kashmir to make it free of all other religion.

Yes Pak funded terrorism can’t be tolerated, the whole world is facing Islamists Terrorists threat even in Islamists country like in Syria, Iraq & Pakistan many are dying due to terrorist’s attacks.

The sooner people will start understanding the difference between Arab brand of supremacist Islam and Liberal Islam, the better.

People should evaluate the development in Indian Kashmir Vs POK (Pak occupied Kashmir) and leave peacefully or else they should first raise their voice to get freedom in POK and then do separatists movement in Indian Kashmir.

And for Communists, Sick-cular intellectuals who are Pro-Pak but living in India should leave India and go to Pakistan ASAP.

This post written jointly By Me (Saroop Chattopadhyay) & Jayanta Sengupta.

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Thanks & Vande Mataram!! Saroop Chattopadhyay & Jayanta Sengupta.

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