Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A review of ‪ Indo-Nepal relationship.. -- An in depth analysis regarding history, geographic, religious background of Indo-Nepal relationship; 1950 Indo-Nepal treaty; present constitutional crisis of Nepal and where it goes wrong in prospective of relationship between India & Nepal at present and the solution.

I knew & love Nepal since long, I also spent few years of my life at Kathmandu (including touring total Nepal , almost all towns and districts of Nepal) when I was posted there for several years in late 90’s and early 2000 's.

That time Nepal was a Hindu country, pro Indian, and a peaceful nation also Kingdom was respected that time.

The India-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship of 1950 forms the bedrock of the special relations that exist between India and Nepal. Under the provisions of this Treaty, the Nepalese citizens have enjoyed unparalleled advantages in India, availing facilities and opportunities at par with Indian citizens. 

Nearly 6 million Nepali citizens live and work in India & around 1 million Indians are living / domiciled in Nepal. These include businessmen and traders who have been living in Nepal for a long time, professionals (doctors, engineers, IT personnel) and laborers (including seasonal/migratory in the construction sector).

As I was also a member of Indian community in Nepal & registered with Indian Embassy-Kathmandu, plus have regular connection with my friends of Nepal till now and even after '98 also I visited Nepal several times I knew how situation became worse slowly and this nightmare arrived.
Actually if you look back in deep into Nepal's political and social situations you will found pro China Maoists groups are the main culprits with direct and indirect support of CPIM, CPI types of leftist groups from India who prefers China’s betterment than anything else.
It's communist's character that they brainwashed people and try to rule for ever but fortunately in almost whole world communism was thrown to dustbin.
But damage was done.

In Nepal also they destroyed (directly & indirectly by brainwashing ppl) Kingdom (Plz remember Nepal's King was Lord Vishnu's avatar as per Hindu Dharma), then they ruled Nepal, made it secular country from a Hindu country, they made Nepal as Pro-China, and ultimately Nepalese (especially Hill area's peoples) started hating India & loving China.

Even Bhagwan Pashupatinath’s Temple, shins & tradition was tampered.
I am a great religious person and I believe as a result God took revenge by devastating earthquake.

Now after earthquake India was the first country to stand beside Nepal and India helped them a lot.

But Nepalese Media and Pro China group again does anti-propaganda resulting Nepalese became ungrateful and again started hating India.
Then this constitutional reform by which they tried to make section of Nepali Citizens (who lives in plane) as Class 2 citizen.
 Which was shameful in my view.

Yes I am a critic of Sri Narendra Modi and never supported economic blockage policy of NaMo but Dear Nepalese please look back the background & last seven decades till the year 2000; where you will found it is India and Indian who have taken a lead role in building modern Nepal and then please also see last 15-20yrs developments where you will found where you derailed yourselves. 

You will found section of Nepalese especially Maoists are mainly responsible for Nepal's present situation.
 Please think about it...

Footnote by Sri Bhaskar Sen ji:

There had been dramatic eroding of values culture and initiatives there.
The Governance too has gone into unfit hands lending misery to the poorest of the poor.
Added to it the natural calamity of the state which had a telling blow on its tourist attractions.
Political unrest perpetuates and like India there is no peace..
God save Nepal and India.

My Final Remarks:

They (Nepalese) may hate or like India that's their choice but why in new constitution they divided their own people and made section of citizens as B class citizen?

Now Nepal is paying price of own faults (which I already mentioned) and mentality (Communist & ungrateful) only. Also Modiji’s wrong policy plus over aggressiveness was also responsible for this situation for which some innocent Nepalese & Indians suffers.

But the geographical and religious situation/tradition always makes India and Nepal like two siblings, we can’t change that even if we want.

Nepal shares an open border of 1,868 km with five Indian states namely Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and Sikkim.  Also both countries are predominantly Hindu countries.

So my request/appeal to all (Nepalese and Indians) please removes bitterness and once again become two peaceful neighbors i.e. two brothers/sisters. 

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Saroop Chattopadhyay.

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