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Opinion poll results/survey for West Bengal Assembly Election 2016 (Paschimbanga-Bidhansabha - পশ্চিমবঙ্গ বিধানসভা জনমত সমীক্ষা) is showing AITC/TMC (All India Trinamool Congress) is all set to win even if Congress (INC) & Lefts (CPIM) alliance done.

Trinamool Congress (TMC) surges ahead as Didi (Mamata Banerjee) magic in West Bengal is still on and people of West Bengal is all set to bring back TMC in power once again as opinion survey shows for West Bengal Assembly Election 2016.

In a details survey carried out by “Maa Mati Manush” (Ma Mati Manush) blog in almost all assembly constituencies in West Bengal, found that even if Lefts (Mainly CPIM) & Congress (INC) made alliance to fight against Trinamool still Trinamool Congress (TMC) will emerge as victorious.

Our team carried out surveys in between 20th Dec’15 to 10th Jan’16 and visited 198 assembly constituencies out of 294 in Bengal. We have collected samples of around 100 to 250 peoples from each constituency all total we have asked their opinion from more than 34000 voters spread upon all sections of society.

<< Note: Latest (March) & Largest Opinion poll survey for 2016 West Bengal Assembly Election (Paschimbanga-Bidhansabha - পশ্চিমবঙ্গ বিধানসভা জনমত সমীক্ষা) is showing TMC (Trinamool Congress) is coming back in power defeating Congress (INC) & Left (CPIM) alliance.
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I believe it’s the largest sample size ever taken for an opinion poll survey for a state like West Bengal.

Remember in this period Leftist & Saffronic media’s anti-propaganda against Mamata Banerjee is at highest level still our opinion poll survey showing in present condition also if all parties fight separately the result will be as follows:

Trinamool Congress (AITC/TMC)  202
Left Parties (CPIM+CPI+AIFB+RSPetc) 41
Congress (INC) 28
BJP  21
Others  02

These survey results show that Bengal’s publics rejected all sorts of yellow journalism & paid stories by section of Bengal & National media. It is also proving that Bengal is disapproving so called communal forces those spread lots of rumors to disturb Bengal’s communal harmony in the state. Bengal public also rejected watermelon leaders of Bengal-Congress + Lefts totally.
Now if Left parties and Congress joins hand & fight election as an opportunist alliance still the result will be as follows:
Trinamool Congress (AITC/TMC) 181
Left Parties (CPIM+CPI+AIFB+RSP etc)  50
Congress (INC) 33
BJP   28
Others  02
Edited on 1stMay'16.
Now if you want to know current picture of West Bengal (as on 30/4 till 5th phase of polling) plz read following post:

Exit-poll/predictions/opinion poll of West Bengal Election 2016:  After 5phases (6round of polling) showing TMC is well above the halfway marks with 180 seats whereas Left + Congress is getting 77 seats and BJP is getting only 10 seats 

Concluding Remarks: As I told this survey was done in a period when Leftists & Saffronic paid media’s anti-propaganda (against Mamata Banerjee) was in its highest point, so after the real campaign begins my believe is actual result for TMC will be better than this and they will cross 225 (if all party fights individually) or 200+ (if INC & CPM fights jointly) seats.

Hope my readers will remember that this Blog (MMM-Blog) is the only one who predicted 100% correct results for India & for Bengal also.

Those who don’t believe this please see my 2014 posts from this Blog’s achieve section (on your left side).

As you know on 8th March’14 your blog (MMM-Blog) predicted 34 seats for Trinamool Congress (TMC) in Bengal and exactly it happens so.

I have written:
“2014 Indian Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Election: Opinion poll survey of West Bengal is showing AITC (Trinamool Congress) is all set to win 34 Loksabha seats and we may see complete “Green-Wash” by Trinamool in West Bengal.”

Actually remarkable victory of Trinamool in 2011 & in 2014 show that Bengal’s public rejected all sorts of yellow journalism & paid stories by section of Bengal & National media like ‘ABP-Ananda’, ‘24-Ghanta’ ‘Times Now’ etc .
It is also proving that Bengal is disapproving Lefts totally along with Watermelon leaders of Bengal-Congress & communal forces like BJP+RSS duo.

Please see other posts in this blog page by clicking "Home" "Popular Posts" / "Archives" sections, and if any remarks please post. 
Thanks & Vande Mataram!! Saroop Chattopadhyay.


  1. I trust all ur statistical data nd victry of tmc, its nt possible to educate all d people in a sort time dt a rulling party would fall. but my personel opinion dt how could you said dt saffron is a communal???dt party wants to unite all indian by d name of hindu, where hindu is nt a darmo, its d way of life. islamist never become a citizen of any country nor dey can love it, by dere sense whole world should be islamist nd alla will make and write their constitution. so muslim is a religion, whom dere support dey r communal. thnk you

    1. Thanks for your trust on statistical data.
      all saffron is not communal, for example Ramakrishna Mission is not a communal institution.
      But those who want to show 12K protesters as 2.5Lc angry mob and those who ignored thousand death in Gujarat but raising their voices against 11 house ransack and stone throwing in 1 temple in Bengal (at Kaliachack, Malda) as everything get lost and it became Pakistan they are really communal and having dirty mind.
      I never support Muslim extremist or so called secular who oils Muslims only but at the same time I condemn those who are desperately wanting to create a communal riot in Bengal.
      We are leaving very peacefully here and we don't need guardians from Gujarat or any other state to guide us.
      Please don't try to disturb Bengal's communal harmony.

  2. Psephology of West Bengal Legislative Election 2016

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