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In "21 se July Sahid Dibas" (21st July Matrtyr's Day) TMC held a massive rally at Dharmatala (Esplanade) - Kolkata, Trinamool Congress shows its strength as in spite of bad weather... Now looking back at July 21, 1993 what happened and now what Mamata Banerjee feels about that cruel act by then CPIM lead Government...!!

The 21 July Martyr's Day Rally is a mass rally organized by the All India Trinamool Congress in remembrance of 13 people shot dead by West Bengal Police in Kolkata (with the instruction by the CPIM lead government) during a rally by the West Bengal Youth Congress under Mamata Banerjee on 21 July 1993 while demanding Voter's Identity Card to be made sole required document for voting.
Now today 21st July 21, 2012, lakhs & lakhs peoples
are attended it in spite of bad weather at Kolkata which shows Trinamool Congress is the only big political force in West Bengal.  

For details report of this rally and Mamata's speach please see following post of this blog page:

What happened in 21st July 1993:
The rally was a large yet peaceful one with attendance well over 100000. suddenly trouble broke out as cadres from CPI(M) mingled in the crowd and started to throw bricks at police then police began to Lathicharge attending people who reacted by throwing brickbats at the police. The Police started shooting from their .303 Rifles without any warning and shot in peoples' head and torso in trying to kill more protesters, 13 people died from the Bullet Wounds sustained. The Decision to open fire was also widely criticized particularly as most of those killed were shot in the back proving they have been murdered in cold blood.
Remembaring 21st July 1993 Mamata Banerjee written in facebook:
“Ever since 1993, every year July 21 brings back excruciating pain and agony to our memory, of the barbaric act of violence and brutal firing meted out by the previous Left Front Government. This shameful act claimed loss of thirteen precious...  lives of innocent youth and serious injury to two hundred persons...What was it for which, they had to sacrifice their lives? Demand was ‘No EPIC (Electoral Photo Identity Card), no Vote’ – to ensure a free and fair election. The voice of democratic demand raised in a peaceful procession, was stifled with bullets and violence... Every year, 21st July is dedicated to ‘Sahid family’ belonging to different democratic movements. So, this day is memorable and painful... Through the supreme sacrifice of their lives on the streets of Kolkata, the martyrs inspired and strengthened our grit, zeal and determination to fight and to establish democratic rights and unveil the misrule of the Left Front Government...On 21st July, we salute to the Martyrs of different democratic movements. Let us bow our heads down, pay obeisance and remember their invaluable sacrifice and also take a pledge to rededicate ourselves to continue to fight for the cause of ‘Maa Mati Manush’ and build a harmonious, peaceful and prosperous Bengal, where the head is held high and the mind is without fear.”

For More Details about 21se July:
Please read this article:

Here is the full details of 21 se July একুশে জুলাই. Looking back at July 21, 1993; what happened and certain untold truth about 21st July revolution in Bengal by Mamata Banerjee.

To know about latest Martyrs' day rally on 21-07-2016, please read following article:
2nd Innings of Trinamool Congress Regime & the message is Don’t Mess with us ……. Kolkata witnessed sea of humanity during grand Trinammol Congress rally on The Martyr’s day (21se July) rally on 21st July 2016. Congress & CPIM breaks as their MLAs& Councillorsjoin AITC. Mamata Banerjee spoke against "saffron polarisation" in the country and the State using the "politics of cow”. Mamata also condemned misuse of CBI & ED for political purpose.

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