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Finally existence of "Higgs- Boson" (God particles) particle is proved.. An Indian Bengali scientist Satyendra Nath Bose first invented "Boson" particles in 1924.. Think what one Indian Bengali scientist thiked about 88yrs ago now finally proved... Boson name came from Dr.Bose's name only.. Bengal's "Ma Mati manush" salutes to late Dr.Bose!!

To cheers and standing ovations from scientists, the
world's biggest atom smasher claimed the discovery of a new subatomic particle Wednesday the 4th
July’12, calling it "consistent" with the long-sought
Higgs boson -- popularly known as the "God particle"
 -- that helps explain what gives all matter in the
universe size and shape. ''This is the physics version of the discovery of DNA,'' Sir Peter Knight,
president of the Institute of Physics said.

The discovery of this new sub- atomic particle
that is crucial to understanding how the universe is built announced in Geneva on 4th Jul’12, has
an intrinsic Indian connection.

The long-sought particle, known as Higgs boson, is also partly named after an Indian scientist Acharya. Satyendra Nath Bose, who worked with Albert Einstein in the 1920s and made discoveries that led to the most coveted prize in particle physics.
A large number of Indian scientists, representing the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics(SINP), Kolkata, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, Harishchandra Research Institute, Allahabad and Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar, were involved in the world's most ambitious experiment over the years.
The Indian link to the world's ambitious experiment was also significantly reflected in comments ahead of the announcement by CERN scientists that a sub-atomic particle "consistent" with the Higgs boson or 'God particle' has been spotted.
"India is like a historic father of the project," said Paolo Giubellino, spokesperson of Geneva-based European Organisation for Nuclear Research, famously known as CERN.
Stating that it was a historical moment in physics and SINP took pride in being a part of the history, the Institute director Milan Sanyal said "This is an important moment for the development of science and I am very happy that our institute, this city and our country is part of the science revolution," he told PTI in Kolkata.

He said that the core CMS team of the SINP had five faculty members -- group leader Prof Sunanda Banerjee, Prof Satyaki Bhattacharya, Prof Suchandra Datta, Prof Subir Sarkar and Prof Manoj Saran.
The phrase "God particle" is a corruption of Goddamit. Nobel Prize- winning physicist Leon Lederman once dubbed it the “goddamn” particle, because it has proved so hard to isolate. That name was changed by an editor to the “God” particle, and the name has stuck on.
The name Higgs Boson came from a British scientist Peter Higgs and Bose, who studied at Presidency College, Calcutta, The work done by Bose and Albert Einstein, later added by Higgs, led to this pioneering day.
So finally world admit & acknowledge the brain of an Indian Bengali scientist after 88 years it’s invention  & 38 years of its inventor’s  death…
Bengal’s “Ma Mati Manush” salutes to this great son of Bengal “Acharya. Satyendra Nath Bose” and also congratulates 5 city scientists & SINP-Kolkata for this historic invention.
Edited on 8th July 8, 2012:
One anonymous has left a new comment on this post claiming S.N.Bose has NOTHING, absolutely nothing to do with this specific particle, that is Higgs.
But Mr. Anonymous (you even so coward that you didn’t gave your name) please note “Higgs” particles are “Boson” now this “Boson” was invented by Lt. Satyendra Nath Bose & named after him only and these Higgs particles follows the B-E (Bose- Einstein) property only… Now what thus all means?? It means basic fundamental was invented by S. N. Bose only… Now you Mr. Anonymous may say what you are nothing to do with your father?? But question is from whom you came in this earth?? That credit goes to your parents only… So here you have to give credit to S. N. Bose.
Now let me also give a short & simple description of “Boson” also for common viewers:
The word must surely have some European genealogy? In fact, “boson” is derived from Satyendra Nath Bose, an Indian physicist from Kolkata who, in 1924, realized that the statistical method used to analyze most 19th-century work on the thermal behavior of gases was inadequate. He first sent off a paper on quantum statistics to a British journal, which turned it down. He then sent it to Albert Einstein, who immediately grasped its immense importance, and published it in a German journal. Bose’s innovation came to be known as the Bose-Einstein statistics, and became a basis of quantum mechanics. Einstein saw that it had profound implications for physics; that it had opened the way for this subatomic particle, which he named, after his Indian collaborator, “boson.” And these “God particles” or “Higgs-Boson” are basically a “Boson” type of particles and it follows B-E property only.


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