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2-G Scam-star, Tainted & Spine-less P.Chidambaram giving wrong data & attacked Trinamool Government in West Bengal to divert public attention from CPM's flat scam which is bigger than "Adarsh Scam" by which total 493 CPIM & Congress 's leaders get Govt flat cheaply... Shame on CPM & Congress 's dirty politics!! Mamata & State's Governor hits back

To divert public’s mind from a huge flat scam which happened during earlier Left Front regime in West Bengal on July 5th
2012, the Union Home Minister, Mr P. Chidambaram, expressed concern over the rising incidents of violence in West Bengal by quoting false figures.
According to Mr Chidambaram, increase in violence is primarily on account of inter-party clashes.
“The culture of violence is a matter of concern. Most of the incidents are inter-party clashes. It is not a good sign for democracy,” he said at the closing ceremony of the 180th anniversary celebrations of the Calcutta Chamber of Commerce here on Thursday.
Shortly after Chidambaram’s comments, state panchayat minister Subrata Mukherjee said at Writers’ Buildings: “Chidambaram said law and order in Bengal is in a pathetic state. We have checked the state government’s records and his figures are incorrect.”
According to Mukherjee, in 2011 there were 62 deaths because of “political clashes” and in 2012 five people had died because of the same reason.
The state minister then threw in a political reason. “Today’s remarks were made to keep the CPM happy because they have assured them their vote in the presidential election. He must remember that law and order is a state subject,” Mukherjee said.
"It is an effort to put pressure on us (Trinamool) regarding the presidential election. They are trying to give oxygen to opposition CPI-M. Law and order is a state subject. This is nothing but a conspiracy against us," he retorted.
Earlier on the same day breaking news came that CPM ministers got flats for a song during LF regime in Bengal..
Four hundred and ninety three CPM leaders and ministers and their relations got LIG and MIG government flats practically for a song during the Left Front regime. Arup Biswas, Minister for Housing in Bengal, in a written statement said in the assembly on Thursday the 5th July’12 mentioned that the recipients included former chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, assembly opposition leader Surjya Kanta Mishra, state Congress president Pradip Bhattacharjee and a host of CPM leaders alleging that these leaders benefitted from government "largesse" by buying apartments at prime locations in the city at throwaway prices. When asked if the government would start probing what Biswas claimed to be "bigger than the Adarsh scam".
Please note that Mr. Chidambaram is already accused in 2G scam & he is tainted with tricky election victory during last LS poll.
As per Wikipedia P. Chidambaram is also involved in 2G scam… They wrote:
“In September 2011, Subramanian Swamy moved to Supreme Court of India, after months of request to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to look into Chidambaram's role in the 2G spectrum scam.After having not had any favorable response from the Prime Minister he approached the Supreme Court and based on the fair credibility of preliminary evidence and documents, the court agreed to take up the petition. Andimuthu Raja, the prime accused in the 2G spectrum scam, also revealed on tapped phones that Chidambaram received a lot of money for 2G spectrum allocation.” (Link:
In recent developments BJP, however, stuck to its guns that Chidambaram had a lot of explaining to do. It cited the court's determination that Chidambaram was party to the decision on spectrum fees.
In another recent development the Madurai bench of the Madras high court on 7th June’12 rejected P Chidambaram’s, home minister, plea to dismiss an election petition against him.
Raja Kannappan of the AIADMK, who lost the Sivaganga seat in Tamil Nadu to Chidambaram in the 2009 Lok Sabha election, had filed a petition in the high court alleging the home minister had rigged the election. Chidambaram had won by a thin margin of 3,354 votes.
Asking Chidambaram to face the case, justice K Venkataraman, however, gave him some reprieve by striking off acouple of charges — cash was distributed, voters were intimidated, son Karthi acted as his active agent, and returning officers were “readymade and designed to ensure victory forChidambaram”.
So here it is a dirty political game is being played by a scamstar & tainted leader P.Chidambaram to save another most corrupt & criminal leader Buddhadeb Bhattacharya. Shame on CPM & Congress ‘s dirty politics & nasty alliance…!!

Edited on 7th July 7, 2012, at 10pm.

West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee challenged Mr. Chidambaram & wrote him a letter asking from where he got this figure as it is not true. Bengal’s Hon. Governor Mr. Narayanan also challenged Union Home Minister over his false figure.
Mamata Didi also indirectly told Mr. Chidambaram as a spin-less leader, she wrote on her official page in facebook (Link:!/ )  
“Now-a-days, I am not surprised, when I see growing numbers of so-called ‘political leaders’ having no spines. In my opinion, it has become a potential area of doing research work on this aspect.
Age-old cherished ideals, courage and closest links with the roots of common people of the country are not found. That is why, they have become weak and afraid to fight for the cause of the common people ...and unveil the truth.
I believe in the responsibility of the leadership to put demands of the people foremost and to grow as human beings. I do hope and expect young generation to realize the present state of poor leadership qualities, devoid of ideals and values.
Let us dedicate ourselves for the common people. I appeal to the young generation to awake, fight, stand up and instill a spirit of mind without fear.”

My comment against our beloved Mamata
Banerjee’s this latest post on her official page in
Yes Didi you are 100% correct, now a day’s number of spine less political leaders are increasing… They are not only spine less but also scam-stars & tainted..
And more unfortunately they are now united and helping each other to fight against strong & honest leader like our beloved Mamata didi…
Yesterday only I have written above post describing these evil alliances between some scam-star & tainted leaders in my “Ma Mati Manush” Blog…

Please see other posts in this blog page by clicking 'home' and if any remarks plaese post. Also please participate in poll. Thanks & Vande Mataram!! Saroop Chattopadhyay.

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