Monday, February 26, 2018

GRAMIN SWAROJGAR YOJONA (Haringhata) – An innovative project by West Bengal Government under guidance by Hon. CM Mamata Banerjee, for women empowerment & to make Bengal self sufficient for poultry products.

An article by Mr. Jayanta Sengupta.

The flagship scheme conceptualised by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Bandhopadhay has given women empowerment.

She decided to provide Ducks & Hens to the Women below the poverty line so that they can breed & earn money from them. An unique scheme which has been ridiculed by opposition, they did not & still don’t believe that this scheme has taken off.

Recently we went to Haringhata and saw the entire infrastructure of Haringhata Milk & Animal Husbandry used for this purpose. The infra was useless during the 34 years of Left Rule but now it has changed.

The entire process of number of stocks ( Ducks mainly) egg fertilisation hatching and nurturing the Ducklings are done with trained experts. Stocks are computerised , the food for Ducks ( Algae) were brought from South with high expense but now its grown there at a cost of Rs. 3.28 per kgs. The eggs which are not suitable for fertilisation are sold as Table Eggs.

This to counter the entry of eggs from different states. Below are some pictures which authenticate the scheme.

Joy Maa Mati Manusher Joy

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  1. Do they should wear a head addressing in town to avoid prosecution?